Get On TappIn!

Have you converted your account from HomePipe to TappIn?  Are you afraid something might stop working, it’s going to be a big hassle, or you just really love the little white picket fence on the green grass background?  Don’t worry.  It’s easy to do, it works great and it happens really fast.

What’s in it for you?

  • All HomePipe Lite Edition accounts become TappIn Lite and receive a free upgrade to Standard Edition for the next 3 months.
  • All HomePipe Standard Edition accounts become TappIn Standard and receive an additional year free.  That’s right, when your current annual subscription ends we’ll give you another year of service – free!
  •  TappIn is now available in six additional languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  •  We have dramatically improved the product interface.  We’ve enhanced the web app and every mobile platform to make sure you can quickly and easily connect and share your digital content – from anywhere, anytime.

Here’s how to update your app:

Just go to the home page on and select Support from the top navigation. and it will take you to our Support page.  See below

Now, select the Desktop App that is appropriate for your computer.

You will see an application dialog from TappIn.  Just select ‘Run’ and follow the instructions.

All done!

As always, should you have any problems, just contact us at:
We look forward to seeing you on the new TappIn platform.  Enjoy!

The TappIn Team