HomePipe Networks Becomes TappIn

Greetings, we have exciting news!  Many of you have sent us emails and feature requests telling us that our solution is just as valuable for business professionals to use in their work environment.  We agree.  We are pleased to announce that we’ve extended our company strategy and product suite to include capabilities for small business professionals.

As you would expect, the name ‘HomePipe,’ as much as we love it, doesn’t really fit the new company and product direction.  Therefore, on Wednesday, September 14 we are announcing our new company brand and product suite transforming from HomePipe Networks to TappIn.

We like TappIn because it personifies how our product solves real problems for customers.  Digital content is stored everywhere – your home computer, work laptop, smartphone and various cloud services (e.g. saleforce.com). However, that content can be difficult to find, access and share with other people.

The new TappIn connects digital content and people.  Whether you’re a student, parent, best friend, business professional or small business, TappIn’s secure cloud service makes available any size documents or rich media files (e.g. music, photos and videos) to web-browsers and mobile devices, including Apple® iPhone® and iPad®, Google® Android™ and Windows® Phone 7, regardless of where that content is stored—without having to upload, sync or pay for additional cloud storage. You can use TappIn to access and share your digital content – anytime, anywhere.

What’s in it for you?

  • TappIn Lite now has unlimited use.  We heard you.  Many of the support questions on the Lite Edition have been around – ‘what constitutes a use?’  Now you don’t have to worry.  Use the Lite Edition as often as you want.  What’s the catch?  You still get ads (we have to pay for it somehow…) and there will be additional feature enhancements that won’t be available to the free Lite Edition in the future.
  • All TappIn Lite customers will receive a free upgrade to Standard Edition for the next 3 months.  We want you to see the best we have to offer.  At the end of 3 months, you can keep your Standard Edition for an upgrade fee of $9.99 for the year or choose to downgrade to Lite Edition.
  • All TappIn Standard Edition customers will receive an additional year free.  That’s right, when your current annual subscription ends we’ll give you another year of service – free!  We want you to see the best we have to offer.  At the end of your free year, you can keep your Standard Edition for an annual fee of $19.99 or simply downgrade to the Lite Edition.
  • Unlike your cable company, we are offering all of our existing customers the same introductory price as our new customers.  At any time over the next 90 days you can buy as many licenses as you want for $9.99.  You can now purchase multiple licenses right from the website to make it easy on families and small businesses.
  • We have dramatically improved the product interface.  We’ve enhanced the web app and every mobile platform to make sure you can quickly and easily connect and share your digital content – from anywhere, anytime.
  • With our enhanced SecureShare, TappIn eliminates the need for large file transfer services and instead enables professionals to quickly and safely stream files of any size through our encrypted cloud platform, providing a simple, cost-effective solution.
  • We are now global.  TappIn is now available in six additional languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  • We have added new personalization, security, and mobility features and a lot more.  You can see all the Summer Release upgrades at www.tappin.com/features-overview.  While you are there, please check out our new Rappin’ TappIn song.  No kidding. We decided this release was so cool, we made a rap song to tell you about it – listen to our rap at www.tappin.com/images/rap.mp3
There’s more coming soon to Standard Edition customers.
  • CloudCaching.  Ever forgot and turned off your computer – then needed something while you were away?  We’ve solved that problem with the CloudCaching feature. TappIn will provide a transitional cloud storage repository that allows you to “pin” content to TappIn’s secure cloud, and set conditions under which that content will stay in, or be automatically removed from, the CloudCache.  Simply designate an expiration date for the content, or have it automatically removed after it is viewed by specific parties, providing total control over who sees the content, when they see it and for what period of time.
  • Salesforce Integration.  Designed for mobile professionals, our Salesforce.com integration enables road warriors to access information stored in Salesforce as well as content stored on a home or office computer.  With Salesforce Integration, salesforce.com professionals can instantly and securely share important files stored within Salesforce using just the tap of a finger.

Please visit us at www.tappin.com and update your apps as soon as possible – it’s worth it.

We are incredibly excited about the new TappIn and look forward to delivering even greater value for our customers.  As you know, we are excited about sharing, so if you have suggestions or comments you would like to share, please  send them to us at support@tappin.com.


The TappIn Team