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Top 4 BYOD Challenges for Small and Midsize Businesses

The recent boom in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend can be credited in large part to its popularity among small to midsize businesses (SMBs). However, even though it is one of the easiest ways for these businesses to cut down on start up costs, there are risks and challenges every SMB should be aware of first.

1. Implementing a BYOD policy

It is extremely important that small and midsize businesses using BYOD implement a clear BYOD policy on their network. Unfortunately many SMBs are actively encouraging the use of these data-sharing programs and services or adopting them company-wide due to their affordability and ease of use, without putting a policy in place first.

2.  Smaller IT Departments

Having a smaller business usually means, at best, only being able to afford a small IT department (sometimes consisting of only one employee).  However, the importance of an IT department or at least having an IT professional on staff cannot be underestimated. Experts predict that small and midsize businesses’ IT spending for security services and programswill exceed $5.6 billion in 2015 (this number will grow twice as fast as small businesses’ total IT spending).

3. Facing Legal Repercussions

SMBs, particularly those in compliance-bound industries like legal and healthcare who have to comply with data security laws, should be extremely cautious when using these file-sharing services and programs or allowing employees to use them for business purposes. One security breach or inadvertent public disclosure could lead to massive fines or other legal actions taken against them.  For any SMB, fines or other legal actions taken against them can be the death nail for their business.

4. Depending on Programs and Services that are not Failsafe

One example of this is Dropbox and the major security breach the service suffered in which all user data became accessible without a password. Like Dropbox and other personal cloud solutions, as Google Drive begins to enter the business environment, it will pose particular challenges for small and midsize businesses which often have fewer IT resources to monitor and control this type of data movement. The reality is that it’s just a matter of time before another breach occurs, whether it is Dropbox or one of many other storage vendors used by businesses today.  It’s important when choosing a file-sharing service or program you take a look at their security features first.

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Cloud Storage is Expensive – How To Own Your Cloud & Save Money

Cloud Storage No IT professional will tell you that outsourcing all of your data storage needs to another entity is a good idea.  But in an increasingly mobile global market, businesses must figure out how to store and share their data in order for their employees to access it safely and securely.

The following article illustrates how businesses should address their data storage issues by looking at both online and personal storage solutions.

Storage Costs

The cost of a 1 terabyte external hard drive can be as low as $100. When buying an external hard drive you are only paying for the amount of storage it can provide, thereby avoiding any monthly fees.

Many people are starting to use sync technologies provided by programs like SugarSync.  The glaring problem with SugarSync is that it does not offer any unlimited backup options and can cost up to $39.99/month.

Even the more familiar services and programs like Dropbox and the Cloud are charging you monthly fees for storage space, these services can get costly.

Storage Security

Many businesses prefer to keep their most sensitive data “on site.”  Meaning they keep that data on their computers and/or hard drives and do not make it accessible through other online programs and/or services.

This gives the company greater control over who is able to access that data because that data can only be accessed through that computer.  A security breach in this instance would most likely be due to someone within the company actively trying to leak information.

There have been so many internet security breaches in the news lately, it can make it hard to know which programs and services to trust. And unfortunately this is where familiarity and ease-of-use has won out over legitimate security needs.

Security should be the primary characteristic businesses consider when looking for a data storage or file sharing system.

Storage Speed and Access Capabilities

While you can access both Dropbox and the Cloud from many different mobile devices the speed in which you are able to view or share your data using these programs is lacking.

Proponents and opponents of Cloud storage alike agree in the downsides to Cloud storage one of the biggest issues is that the Cloud takes up a lot of bandwidth. The more bandwidth a program is using the longer it takes for information to send.  Dropbox also requires its users to upload and download data files before they are able to share or see them.

The reason why so many people have turned to online services and programs like the Cloud, Sugarsync, and Dropbox is in large part due to growing mobile markets.

File-size limits on emails and instant messages have made it nearly impossible for people who solely use personal storage devices, to get the same amount of work done as their online-storage-and-sharing-using counterparts.

This is where TappIn (formerly HomePipe) comes in.  TappIn users can share and sync “on site” information without storing it “off site” (i.e. the Cloud, Sugarsync, and Dropbox).  Allowing its users to treat their external hard drive as a cloud.

Also unlike SugarSync and Dropbox, a program like TappIn doesn’t require you to upload or download files in order to share or view them.  Once a file is shared with you, you will be able to view it immediately.

TappIn gives you fast access to all your content from any mobile device without paying for cloud storage.  Get a 30 Day Risk Free Trial Now! 

TappIn by GlobalSCAPE Partners with QNAP!

TappIn (formerly HomePipe) by GlobalSCAPE is very proud to announce its new partnership with QNAP Systems, Inc.!

Due to recent internet security breaches and concerns over the Cloud’s ToS agreements, many people feel more comfortable keeping their sensitive data and content “on site” in network-attached-storage (NAS) devices (i.e. external hard drives) instead of outsourcing their storage needs to online services or programs (i.e. the Cloud, Dropbox, SugarSync, etc.).

Because QNAP Systems, Inc. is a leader in NAS devices, they needed a program to let their customers access the content on their NAS devices remotely from a web-browser or mobile device.

“QNAP customers are looking for solutions that not only allow them to securely store their data, but access it anytime, anywhere,” said Jérôme Jaussaud, a product manager of QNAP. “By partnering with GlobalSCAPE’s TappIn, QNAP can now offer its customers secure access to the digital content they store on our Turbo NAS devices from any remote computer or mobile device, without the hassle or expense of moving or syncing that content to the cloud.”

TappIn gives its users complete mobile access to their content wherever they decide to store it.  This means that whether they are using online storage programs or services or personal storage devices, TappIn provides its users access to their data anytime on any device.

So, for those users who prefer using NAS devices for their storage needs, but still want the benefits of mobile access, TappIn is the perfect solution.

We here at TappIn are extremely excited about this partnership with QNAP Systems, Inc.  We look forward to helping QNAP to continue its trend as one of the top providers of NAS and unified storage devices in the industry, by providing their users with the fastest, most secure and reliable access to their data anytime and on any device.

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How Secure is Your Mobile Access?

IDC estimates that more than 1.3 billion mobile workers will exist in the market by the end of 2015.   As of 2010, there were more than 105 million mobile workers in the US alone.  

These staggering numbers clearly demonstrate the paramount importance of mobile technology and access in our lives.

A by-product of self-empowered BYOD’ers, many consumer technologies are now entering the enterprise.  The most notable example of this BYOT (bring your own technology) trend are popular cloud-based file sharing services like Dropbox and Box.  By putting content in a cloud repository, these services enable mobile users to access their content anytime, anywhere.

As this market continues to grow businesses need to take proactive steps to stay ahead of the trend by classifying data and then procuring both storage and mobility solutions commensurate with the security requirements of that data.  Without this planning BYOD could prove to be a big problem for IT departments.

Cloud storage solutions like Dropbox do offer mobile access features, but at their core, they are just storage solutions that focus on making storage convenient, not making data access secure.

Customer information, personnel files, financial data, and strategic planning data, however, might be better kept “on site,” under the careful supervision of IT.  In this time of unfettered cloud storage and the mobile content access that comes with it you must consider how the programs you use to access your data, protect it.

Different data requires different security considerations for both storage and access.

Businesses cannot afford to risk everything on one endeavor and rely on a single vendor for all of their storage and access needs.

What sets TappIn by GlobalSCAPE (formerly HomePipe) apart from other mobile access services is that this secure content mobility solution gives you the freedom to choose where information is stored, without limiting mobile access.  Moreover, businesses can leverage existing storage solutions without sacrificing the access their BYOD empowered employees now demand.

Data stored on internal servers is accessed just as easily as data stored in the cloud, without incurring the additional security risks of storage outside the firewall.


TappIn gives you fast access to all your content from any mobile device without paying for cloud storage.  Get a 30 Day Risk Free Trial Now! 

TappIn: How It All Began

Chris Hopen, President at TappIn

In 2009, TappIn’s founder, Chris Hopen, was at his wits’ end. His mother-in-law always wanted to see the latest pictures of the kids’ soccer games and videos of dance recitals, and it seemed he and his wife could never upload them to a photo or video website (or send them via email) fast enough.

They already had their hands full with jobs and kids, and often taking the time to upload photos to the web just wasn’t a high priority. With his wife and mother-in-law in mind, as well as a strong background in web security, Chris created TappIn.

By creating a secure pathway through the cloud, TappIn provides instant access to any file saved on your computer, and allows for instant sharing of selected files and folders with friends and family.

The second the video of your daughter’s piano recital is saved on your computer, it’s available to all of your selected friends and family on their computers or mobile devices via the TappIn app.

There is no need to upload, organize and sync files between devices, or pay for additional cloud storage, making it great for busy moms and dads on the go. No need for mom or dad to carry pictures of the kids in their wallets – they can just “tap in” to them via their smartphone whenever the urge to brag strikes.

Chris Hopen not only wanted to make sure that this service was secure but also affordable. That’s why TappIn only costs $1.99 a month for unlimited access and sharing from multiple devices. No matter where mom and dad’s pictures, videos, and documents are stored, or which family member can’t wait to see them, TappIn makes it possible


TappIn gives you fast access to all your content from any mobile device without paying for cloud storage.  Get a 30 Day Risk Free Trial Now!