TappIn by GlobalSCAPE Partners with QNAP!

TappIn (formerly HomePipe) by GlobalSCAPE is very proud to announce its new partnership with QNAP Systems, Inc.!

Due to recent internet security breaches and concerns over the Cloud’s ToS agreements, many people feel more comfortable keeping their sensitive data and content “on site” in network-attached-storage (NAS) devices (i.e. external hard drives) instead of outsourcing their storage needs to online services or programs (i.e. the Cloud, Dropbox, SugarSync, etc.).

Because QNAP Systems, Inc. is a leader in NAS devices, they needed a program to let their customers access the content on their NAS devices remotely from a web-browser or mobile device.

“QNAP customers are looking for solutions that not only allow them to securely store their data, but access it anytime, anywhere,” said Jérôme Jaussaud, a product manager of QNAP. “By partnering with GlobalSCAPE’s TappIn, QNAP can now offer its customers secure access to the digital content they store on our Turbo NAS devices from any remote computer or mobile device, without the hassle or expense of moving or syncing that content to the cloud.”

TappIn gives its users complete mobile access to their content wherever they decide to store it.  This means that whether they are using online storage programs or services or personal storage devices, TappIn provides its users access to their data anytime on any device.

So, for those users who prefer using NAS devices for their storage needs, but still want the benefits of mobile access, TappIn is the perfect solution.

We here at TappIn are extremely excited about this partnership with QNAP Systems, Inc.  We look forward to helping QNAP to continue its trend as one of the top providers of NAS and unified storage devices in the industry, by providing their users with the fastest, most secure and reliable access to their data anytime and on any device.

TappIn gives you fast access to all your content from any mobile device without paying for cloud storage.  Get a 30 Day Risk Free Trial Now! 

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