6 Reasons Why You Should Choose TappIn over Dropbox

Dropbox is cloud storage that ‘syncs’ between your devices.  Any content you put in the Dropbox folder syncs between your devices so you always have access to that content.  After downloading the Dropbox ‘agent’ to your PC and mobile devices, you’ll be able to move content into your Dropbox folder and it will begin to copy all the content in the folder to all of the devices (and the cloud storage).

Pretty cool idea…mostly.

TappIn works differently. With TappIn you download the TappIn agent to your (PC, Mac or Linux) machine and then to your mobile devices.  And that’s it.  No copying, syncing or waiting required. You now have access and the ability to share ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on your devices.

Here are 6 reasons for why you should choose TappIn over Dropbox:


#1 You don’t need to know in advance if you’re going to need something

This is probably the biggest advantage for TappIn.  Our agent gives you access to your entire computer, not just a folder on the computer. So, you never have to worry if you’ve ‘synced’ content.  It’s there –ready for you any time you need it

#2 You always have access to the latest version

Again, if you’ve ever put something in the sync folder you have to make sure you put the newest version (I always have new names like – document_v3, document_v4, etc.) back in the sync folder …or well…you’ll be out of sync and out of luck.  With TappIn you ALWAYS have access to your latest and greatest work.

#3 No cloud storage required

In order to make sure you have access to your content Dropbox copies your content to cloud storage – then charges you for that storage.  It’s expensive – really expensive compared to using the storage you already have on your computer or just buying an external storage device. And, it’s only as secure as your cloud storage vendor is willing to be.  Many have already learned that lesson.  TappIn doesn’t copy your content and then charge you to keep the content.  We let you leave your content safe and secure on your computer or on an external storage device

#4 TappIn lets you store and playback media including music and movies

In fact, TappIn has playlists and other features that essentially allow you to have unlimited virtual storage on your mobile device.  Think about it.  You can have Terabytes of music and movies on your home computer/server and have access to ALL of them from your phone – anytime.  You can even mix and match technologies so you can use your massive iTunes library on your Android phone…or even your Kindle!

#5 What if I’m a small business and need to share large files?

Hey, no problem.  Again, we’re not charging you for storage so just ‘share’ your files with sales people, clients or prospects.  They don’t need to sign up for an account to see your content. In fact, if you use a NAS server or you have a WebDAV storage area – TappIn works with your device!  You can’t do that with Dropbox.

#6 Great cost advantage

TappIn is $20 a year for the Standard Edition and you can access as many computers as you want using as much storage as you want as many times as you want!

Bottom line, the best way to think about TappIn vs. Dropbox (or any other sync vendor) is that with TappIn you have one place for access and sharing without having to move your content all to one place.  Simple!


– Doug Wheeler

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