TappIn Partners with ESET!

TappIn Inc. by GlobalSCAPE is proud to welcome ESET, the newest members of its affiliate partner program!  TappIn is so excited to make this announcement as ESET’s anti-virus solutions and proactive cyber threat protections have made them one of the best anti-malware vendors in the world.

A recent study showed that 81% of workers now use personal electronic devices in the workplace.  And of that 81% one-third of respondents said that their company’s data was not encrypted, making accessing it remotely very risky for business owners.  ESET has been delivering trusted internet protection for years, but the popularity of remote access has only very recently exploded.

A Little Bit About ESET

You already know how we here at TappIn started and how TappIn works, but we wanted to give you a little bit more information on ESET as well.  With millions of users worldwide, ESET is one of the most recommended security solutions in the world.  Their products are sold in over 180 different countries and they have headquarters in North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

“ESET has long been at the forefront of computer security with industry-leading virus and malware detection that protect against a host of evolving threats,” said Chris Hopen, President of TappIn, Inc.

And now ESET users can use TappIn to safely and securely remote access file sharing, picture sharing, and streaming music, all from almost any mobile device.  “TappIn’s approach to mobile content access offers secure access and sharing, and is consistent with the caliber of security our customers have come to expect from ESET,” said Andrew Lee, CEO, ESET North America.

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