How to TappIn to Your Dropbox Folder!

As I explained in the blog post 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose TappIn over Dropbox , Dropbox syncs content in a folder between the computer and their cloud storage facility. Since TappIn can see the file structure on your computer, we enable Dropbox users to access and share content in that folder located on the PC using virtually any mobile device.

Again, With TappIn you have one place for access and sharing without having to move your content all to one place – even if you are already a Dropbox user.

Here’s an example:

#1 I installed TappIn and Dropbox on my laptop.   I have opened a sample photo folder within Dropbox to show how the content looks.  Remember, using Dropbox I can only sync and access the content in my Dropbox folder.

#2 OK, now I am going to use TappIn from my iPad.  And show you how I can access the whole computer AND my Dropbox folder.

#3 After selecting the Dropbox folder, you can see that the identical file structure (including “Photos” with Boston City Flow, Costa Rican Frog and Pensive Parakeet) are accessible.

#4 Now that we can access this content, we can share it with someone.  Simply select the photo you want to share. The icons along the bottom (in order) allow you to share to a contact, text, directly to your Facebook account, email, print or open in another application.  For the purposes of this demonstration – we’ll email.

That’s the beauty of TappIn.  No matter where your content is located you only have to go to one place to access or share it.  So, get TappIn and get started!

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