Sending Large Files Online

The number of internet users has been steadily growing every day since its beginning.  In recent years this number has exploded due to social media channels that allow people to connect and share content.  Going online has become one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with family, friends, and co-workers.

A large part of online communications is the sharing of information, pictures, videos, and music.  So what if you want to send someone large amounts of data at once?  The problem is that the most popular sharing options on the internet haven’t quite grown in their capabilities to include allowing people to send as much data as they want at one time.

Sending Large Files

Most email servers have a maximum file size both for incoming and outgoing mail.   The maximum file size is usually around 10MB, with Yahoo and Gmail extending file size limits to 20MB and 25MB.  However, if you are trying to send someone a video, or photo album, these new size limits can still make sharing large files difficult.

There are many file uploading and file sharing alternatives to email, however all of these options require you to sync to or upload your files in one storage solution (either in the Cloud, Dropbox, etc.), all of which have limits on the amount of data you are able to store in them.

Picture and Video Sharing

Though Facebook has taken steps to improve the photo uploading process, there is still a limit on the number of photos you may upload to a single album.  Social media sites and sites like YouTube have tried to make it easy to share pictures and videos, but the option to share pictures and videos on social media channels is designed to be a more public sharing option.

What if you want to share a large number of pictures or videos privately?  There are many sharing and storage solutions currently available, but because you have to save/upload/sync these large files, pictures, or videos in the Cloud, Sugarsync, or a Dropbox folder the whole process can be very time consuming.

No Limit File Sharing

And so, what do you do when you have large files that need to be shared online?  When you think about it, every storage solution is going to have a limit, so consider instead looking for a solution that gives people unlimited access to your information. By choosing unlimited access you can avoid limited file storage and sharing all together.

TappIn allows users to give family, friends, and co-workers instant unlimited access to their files and data they choose to share.  And because TappIn grants access and isn’t primarily a storage solution the people you share with don’t have to download or sync that information to their computer or mobile device.

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