4 Reasons to Stream Your Music with TappIn Instead of iTunes Match

TappIn vs iTunes MatchSince its beginning in 2001, iTunes has revolutionized the way people shop for, purchase and listen to music. However, with the recent demand for more music streaming options available to multiple mobile devices, iTunes has had to try and extend their music streaming capabilities to stream through several different devices.

iTunes has now introduced their new program iTunes Match and many people are hailing it as the best way to access their music libraries from anywhere at any time. However, we have put together four reasons to consider streaming music with TappIn over iTunes Match:

#1 Own Your Cloud

Unlike with iTunes Match, TappIn doesn’t need you to move or sync your music to the cloud or another online storage solution to listen to or access your entire music library from another device.

Instead of storing your music online to listen to it wirelessly from another device, with TappIn, you can simply stream it directly from your computer!

#2 Unlimited Access

Currently, iTunes Match has a size limit of 25,000 songs, which is inconvenient for avid music listeners/users who want access to the rest of their music. Apple is still working on a way to get around this. However, it could mean a more expensive plan for these users.

Because TappIn simply gives you access to your files, as long as your personal storage solution can hold it (online or off), you have unlimited access to your entire music library.

#3 More Bang for Your Buck

iTunes Match is more expensive, costing around $25 per year, while TappIn Standard only costs $19.99 per year. And TappIn gives you unlimited access to more than just your music. You can also access your videos, documents, and pictures.

#4 Android File Transfer Made Easy

One of the major disadvantages of iTunes Match is that it only works with the iPhone for mobile streaming. So if you’re an Android user, you are out of luck. But not with TappIn. You can easily transfer files to and from your Android device. TappIn is available on far more mobile devices than iTunes Match, making it a viable option for more users than iTunes Match.

Learn how easy it is to stream your music with TappIn!

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