Cloud Backup – An Examination of the 6 Best Online Storage Services

Data backup has been one of the biggest concerns/demands in computer technology since the birth of computers. Before the internet and online storage solutions became available, network attached storage (NAS) devices (on-site external hard drives) were really the only viable option for extending storage on personal computers.

As computer and internet technology evolved, the desire for online storage solutions that could securely hold sensitive data, files, media, pictures, videos, and such grew as well.

The primary benefit of storing data online is obvious. By storing your data online, you don’t run the risk of losing that data if anything were to happen to your computer. For example, if your computer crashes, or if your computer contracts a virus, or even if your computer is physically damaged in some way, your data will still be safe online.

But, with all the choices available, how do you choose the best online storage service? To make your decision easier, we have examined the six most popular online storage services available today:

1. Cloud

Perhaps the most popular online storage service currently, the Cloud from Google offers a free trial with 5GB of free storage. Once the data storage limit is reached, you have the option of purchasing more cloud storage through paid plans.

The main issue with using the cloud is that it can become expensive, depending on how much online storage you may need.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage to start, as well as paid extended storage options if you exceed the 2GB free storage limit. Once you download Dropbox onto your desktop, you can immediately start saving files to the Dropbox folder.

The only issue with Dropbox is that a Dropbox folder must be created and you are only able to access data that was specifically saved to that Dropbox folder.

3. Mozy

Fast becoming a real player on the content collaboration and online storage scene, Mozy, like Dropbox, offers you 2GB of free storage to start (not as much as other alternatives). However, unlike many other online storage solutions, Mozy allows you to encrypt the data you store  to add an extra level of security to that data.  Where Mozy lacks in online storage capabilities, it makes up for in its security features.

4. Sugarsync

Perhaps not as well-known as these other online storage solutions, Sugarsync starts you off with 5GB of free storage. Instead of requiring you to create a folder to store your data, Sugarsync has you sync files, data, and folders, which can be time consuming and lead to file versioning issues.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) online storage solutions offering content collaboration capabilities available today. Right up front, Google Drive gives you 5GB of free storage.

The problem with Google Drive, however, is that it saves all of your documents as .gdoc files that are web links, which require access to the internet to view, edit, or share them.

6. Skydrive

Skydrive from Microsoft leads all of the online storage solutions with storage size, offering 7GB of free storage to start. Skydrive also differs from the other storage services in that it provides you with editing tools and limited Office applications on its website.

However, like Dropbox and Cloud, you have to save all of your files in a Skydrive folder for them to be backed up/stored online and to be accessible from other devices and/or locations.

Wherever you choose to store your data, whether it be with an online storage service, or a network attached storage (NAS) device, TappIn is one of the most secure ways to remote access that data, from anywhere, at any time, no matter where it is stored.

Have you used any of these services? Which one is your favorite? Which service would you recommend? Which service would you not recommend?

One thought on “Cloud Backup – An Examination of the 6 Best Online Storage Services

  1. Monica

    Just want to throw CloudMe into the mix as well. Ticks all the boxes for a quality
    sync-n-share storage service. Since it’s based in Sweden, makes a great European alternative
    for those concerned about the Patriot Act.


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