How to Share Videos – A Critical Look at the 3 Most Popular Solutions

video sharing solutionsWith 100 million Americans watching online videos each day, it’s no mystery that video sharing and viewing is becoming one of the most popular features of using the internet. The term “going viral” has become a part of people’s everyday vernacular in large part due to statistics like YouTube’s 1 trillion views in 2011.

Here we examine the three most popular online video sharing options available today, and some of the issues we’ve found are:

1. Uploading the video to a video hosting service (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

YouTube is far and above the most popular video hosting service online today. Odds are you have visited YouTube or watched an embedded YouTube video on another website.

However, uploading a video to a video hosting website like YouTube or Vimeo usually comes with a considerable amount of waiting around time as the video is being uploaded. Also, to keep the video private, users must set customized privacy settings.

2. Sending the video via email

Before the internet really took off, email was perhaps its most popular feature. And even today, email remains the most popular online activity. Sending messages, files, pictures, and videos all with just the click of a button was and still is the main draw to using email services/platforms.

The problem with attaching videos to emails is that most email servers have file size limits for attachments ranging anywhere from 10MB to 25MB, which can make video sending and viewing via email very difficult (especially if the video is of a considerable size/length).

3. Share the video on a social media channel (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

With Facebook close to reaching 1 billion users and over 1.43 billion users of social media channels worldwide, it’s no wonder that social media channels are becoming some of the most popular places to share pictures and videos.  However, most social media sites require that you set your own privacy settings to keep the video private.

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