Online Collaboration – Tools to Help You Work From Anywhere

As we’ve discussed previously, the rising BYOD trend and the new popularity of telecommuting has made it necessary for mobile workers to find and adopt new technologies that give them secure remote access, viewing, editing, online collaboration and communication capabilities.

When looking for tools to facilitate online collaboration, there are a couple of questions you must ask yourself before choosing a program or service. The first question is what is the most important characteristic you want the program or service to have?

Once you answer whether it’s speed, access, editing, or communicating capabilities that are the most important the program/service you need, you can choose the right program/service for you and your business.

There are many online collaboration tools, programs, and services out there today, however, many of them can end up being very expensive (charging both monthly fees as well as charging per project). And so, we have listed some of the best inexpensive online collaboration tools, programs, and services as well as the qualities they are best known for:

1. Google Drive

With Google Drive, you can create, save, and share up to 2GB of data in Google Drive for free. Google Drive is the best for online document collaboration in that it allows multiple users to access and edit the same document at once. You can also add comments to the text as well as chat with each other in an instant message box on the right side margin of every document.

2. Teambox

If you are looking for project management capabilities, Teambox is the online collaboration tool to choose. Some of the project management aspects of this program include task lists, due dates, and email notifications.

3. Smartsheet

Though Smartsheet is a subscription online collaboration tool, it does come with a 30-day free trial. The security features in Smartsheet include restricting access and monitoring usage, so you can safely share sensitive data. Smartsheet also incorporates aspects of Word and Excel to allow you to better edit your data.

4. Co-op

The Co-op dashboard looks a lot like the newsfeed on Facebook. Users in the same group can post status updates that will be seen by the rest of the group. You can also track time spent on certain projects and keep detailed records of your work so that you can go back and check it.

Remember, if it’s fast and secure remote access you’re looking for as the primary characteristics for the online collaboration tool you decide to use, then TappIn is by far your best bet. TappIn gives you secure and immediate access to your own and shared data from a wide range of mobile devices.

What do you look for in an online collaboration tool? Which tools, programs, and/or services would you recommend for online collaboration? Did we miss any of your favorites?


  • Alex whittaker

    We have been using CollateBox for collaboration n sharing with our team, n must say its really awesome, do read more about it
    Most of all for growing lists of data n sharing parts of data.

  • Docs9 Administrator

    Docs9 is a much better alternative, and best of all it’s the easiest, simplest to use in my experience so far.

    I could have a live presentation ready to share in a matter of seconds. The coolest part was everything from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel to OpenOffice Writer, Impress, Calc even Google Docs is handled in the exact same way. Because this works purely in a browser, most of my participants enjoyed watching my presentation on their iPhones, Androids, even iPads. Few yet were impressed they could use their old browsers, and for first time had nothing to setup or configure at all!

    Upload, and Share.

    Some corporate organizations might want to take a look at support for Visio, and Microsoft Project as well. It was a relief not having to ask my participants if they have Visio, or Project installed.

    It seems to have grown quite popular amongst young entrepreneurs who collaborate ideas, some self-employed individuals such as teachers, but some corporate organizations seem to favor Docs9 coupled with Skype for most of their online meetings. It has been a huge time saver for many.

  • Silver Geometry

    In addition to above, you may even use Gomeetnow online collaboration and web conferencing service. It is easy to use and best part is it has no download of any kind.

  • bendell

    Interesting article we use TeamBox daily. We’re also using to help improve our ability to collaborate. I should say that Updatey is a tool we created to initially help us solve our own needs, but it turned out to be a tool the wider community found useful too, so we started developing it as a product.