Yes! You can “Tapp In” to Your Seagate NAS

As a TappIn/Seagate customer a number of you have seen Seagate customer announcements regarding Seagate Global Access powered by TappIn (e.g.  or ).

tapp in to your seagate nas

With Seagate’s support, we now have the ability to further explain.  An important part of the TappIn and Globalscape strategy is our ability to successfully deliver the TappIn service by integrating and delivering it with other product and service providers as their primary secure remote file access and online sharing solution.

We are pleased to let you know that Seagate, a world leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, is offering the TappIn by Globalscape secure content mobility solution to their customers using the Seagate Global Access Service.  The co-branded TappIn service and mobile apps will securely and easily enable Seagate customers to access and share digital content from their Seagate storage products using popular mobile computers, tablets and smartphone devices.

Obviously, we are very excited to deliver this important capability to Seagate customers.

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