BYOD for Back to School – Changing How We Learn Forever

By enabling people to work from anywhere, at any time, from any personal or mobile device, the BYOD trend has already changed the way we work forever. But the BYOD trend isn’t only having an effect on the workforce. Recently, this trend has been changing how the next generation of workers (students) learn.

It’s true that there are risks with BYOD in the workplace, so why is BYOD all of a sudden the “Big man on campus”?

BYOD Voted“Most Popular”

The benefits of BYOD are too many to list here, but needless to say allowing students to bring their own device to school enables them to learn in the way they feel most comfortable.  For example, some students find it easier and more efficient to take notes in class on their computer or personal mobile device than using pen and paper.

However, BYOD’s popularity isn’t just limited to the classroom.  The devices students bring to class grant them online access to a wealth of information that cannot be contained in a single textbook.

BYOD Now #1 on Back-to-School Shopping Lists

School supply shopping used to consist of shopping for paper, pens, pencils, books, etc.  However, with BYOD, students have all of those supplies in one device.  And because your device won’t run out of ink or paper, you don’t have to continue buying supplies throughout the year.  And since students can purchase texts online, BYOD also gets rid of the need for teachers to provide, and students to haul around, heavy textbooks.

The devices students bring to class can execute a number of actions that school supplies of yesterday are incapable of executing.

Never Forget Your Homework Again with BYOD

With apps like TappIn, which allow you to remotely access your data wherever it’s saved and from any device, the BYOD trend has made it much harder for students to forget their homework (sorry, guys!).Once students save their work on their own device, they don’t have to move or save it anywhere else to share their homework with their teachers.

As more teachers use the internet to communicate with their students by posting assignments and homework online, having access to the internet, as well as your work wherever it’s saved, will become more and more important.

BYOD Helps Make Learning More Fun

Teachers are always looking for new and improved ways to teach material.As lesson plans begin to incorporate more forms of media and technology to make them more interesting for the next generation of students, students will need to be able to view those digital materials with some sort of device.If students are able to bring their own devices to class they will be able to access and experience those materials right away.

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