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The primary vision of TappIn is to offer people a single, secure way to access, send and manage all content, regardless of where it is stored. And with the new release of TappIn Professional Edition, we are closer than ever to making TappIn everyone’s one-stop shop for accessing all of their files anytime, anywhere.

So, what’s so special about TappIn Professional Edition?

There are three key features that come with the TappIn Professional Edition that take TappIn’s vision to the next level:

  1. OnTapp – is a 10 GB cloud storage repository that enables users to access, copy and share their stored content when their permanent storage device is off or in sleep mode. OnTapp not only keeps your content on your computer, server, or NAS device (without syncing or copying), it also allows users to set transactional parameters around that content.
  2. Salesforce Integration – with the integration of Salesforce, TappIn users can now access information stored in their Salesforce account using the same TappIn interface they’ve been using to access content stored on a home or office computer.
  3. TappIn Group Manager – is a set of administrative capabilities that enable businesses to manage groups of users. Settings in Group Manager are designed specifically for our professional users and businesses in the always growing mobile workforce.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution comes with many rewards as well as risks. With TappIn’s approach to secure file sharing, we are helping to address perhaps the biggest risk in cloud storage and BYOD — security.

More and more people are choosing TappIn over cloud storage, because it is the most secure and inexpensive solution on the market today. The BYOD movement (and its challenges) are going to continue to grow and we here at TappIn are looking forward to growing with it!

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