Top 4 Cloud Security Trends of 2012 – Keeping Our Eyes on the Clouds

Cloud security trends 2012The end of the year is almost here, and there are quite a few cloud security trends we’ve noticed taking shape over the past eleven months that we wanted to share with you. In this blog post, we’ve listed the top four trends in cloud security for 2012.

Cloud Security Trend #1: Breaches are becoming inevitable

It seems each week we hear about a new security breach in the cloud. Dropbox’s security breach earlier this year reminded us all that our data is only as safe as the cloud vendor we use and no vendor has yet been able to claim that they are unbreachable. And because these breaches are now considered unavoidable, instead of ramping up more security to try and prevent breaches from happening altogether, businesses are investing in tools that will help them quickly and effectively detect and combat security breaches when occur.

Cloud Security Trend #2: Increasing malware directed at mobile devices

Malware attacks on mobile devices in the past have largely been considered to be not very serious (as people are more likely to keep their more personal/financial information on their computers than their phones), however, with so many people now using their mobile devices to access the Cloud and the Internet, cyber threats to mobile devices have increased as well.

Cloud Security Trend #3: Cloud security expands to include privacy, compliance and governance

As industries like the healthcare industry (with industry and governmental requirements) are starting to use cloud services, cloud security has been evolving to include compliance and governance capabilities so that those industries can legally start to use their storage solutions. Ramping up privacy, compliance and governance in cloud security is actually beneficial to everyone (not just specific industries).

Cloud Security Trend #4: Management looking at the security of large volumes of data

The idea here is that the more data you store in the Cloud, the more flexibility you provide for those who need to access that data. Companies are now looking for tools or services that will easily and securely allow them to access large amounts of data from multiple sources.

Hopefully, recognizing and understanding this year’s cloud security trends will help you to figure out how cloud security will evolve throughout 2013 and plan accordingly. Cloud storage will always come with risks, and so you really have to decide for yourself if using cloud security is worth taking on those inherent risks. To avoid cloud security issues altogether, check out TappIn Pro, a tool that allows you to securely access and share files no matter where they are saved (in the Cloud or on your computer).

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