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TappIn by GlobalSCAPE Partners with QNAP!

TappIn (formerly HomePipe) by GlobalSCAPE is very proud to announce its new partnership with QNAP Systems, Inc.!

Due to recent internet security breaches and concerns over the Cloud’s ToS agreements, many people feel more comfortable keeping their sensitive data and content “on site” in network-attached-storage (NAS) devices (i.e. external hard drives) instead of outsourcing their storage needs to online services or programs (i.e. the Cloud, Dropbox, SugarSync, etc.).

Because QNAP Systems, Inc. is a leader in NAS devices, they needed a program to let their customers access the content on their NAS devices remotely from a web-browser or mobile device.

“QNAP customers are looking for solutions that not only allow them to securely store their data, but access it anytime, anywhere,” said Jérôme Jaussaud, a product manager of QNAP. “By partnering with GlobalSCAPE’s TappIn, QNAP can now offer its customers secure access to the digital content they store on our Turbo NAS devices from any remote computer or mobile device, without the hassle or expense of moving or syncing that content to the cloud.”

TappIn gives its users complete mobile access to their content wherever they decide to store it.  This means that whether they are using online storage programs or services or personal storage devices, TappIn provides its users access to their data anytime on any device.

So, for those users who prefer using NAS devices for their storage needs, but still want the benefits of mobile access, TappIn is the perfect solution.

We here at TappIn are extremely excited about this partnership with QNAP Systems, Inc.  We look forward to helping QNAP to continue its trend as one of the top providers of NAS and unified storage devices in the industry, by providing their users with the fastest, most secure and reliable access to their data anytime and on any device.

TappIn gives you fast access to all your content from any mobile device without paying for cloud storage.  Get a 30 Day Risk Free Trial Now! 

TappIn: How It All Began

Chris Hopen, President at TappIn

In 2009, TappIn’s founder, Chris Hopen, was at his wits’ end. His mother-in-law always wanted to see the latest pictures of the kids’ soccer games and videos of dance recitals, and it seemed he and his wife could never upload them to a photo or video website (or send them via email) fast enough.

They already had their hands full with jobs and kids, and often taking the time to upload photos to the web just wasn’t a high priority. With his wife and mother-in-law in mind, as well as a strong background in web security, Chris created TappIn.

By creating a secure pathway through the cloud, TappIn provides instant access to any file saved on your computer, and allows for instant sharing of selected files and folders with friends and family.

The second the video of your daughter’s piano recital is saved on your computer, it’s available to all of your selected friends and family on their computers or mobile devices via the TappIn app.

There is no need to upload, organize and sync files between devices, or pay for additional cloud storage, making it great for busy moms and dads on the go. No need for mom or dad to carry pictures of the kids in their wallets – they can just “tap in” to them via their smartphone whenever the urge to brag strikes.

Chris Hopen not only wanted to make sure that this service was secure but also affordable. That’s why TappIn only costs $1.99 a month for unlimited access and sharing from multiple devices. No matter where mom and dad’s pictures, videos, and documents are stored, or which family member can’t wait to see them, TappIn makes it possible


TappIn gives you fast access to all your content from any mobile device without paying for cloud storage.  Get a 30 Day Risk Free Trial Now! 

Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 2.07.40 PM

Did We Mention That We Love Working Here?

Well it’s not only our opinion, now it is a matter-of-fact. GlobalSCAPE, TappIn’s parent company, was just announced that for the second year in a row it was named to Texas Monthly Magazine’s 2012 list of “Best Companies to Work for in Texas”.

Over the past year, GlobalSCAPE has been named a top place to work by three other sources: the San Antonio Express-News, the San Antonio Business Journal, and Computerworld Magazine.

Here in Seattle, we’ve experienced the same first class treatment. The GlobalSCAPE team has been great to us and we’re excited to be a part of the family.

While winning such awards as these are truly an honor and make us thankful for our place of work, it sparked a great blogging opportunity to look at some of the less fortunate jobs in years past…

In The Dark Ages you may have had this job:

The Guillemot Egg Collector: 
Farming could be unpredictable and food scarce, so guillemot eggs were an important source of protein in the Saxon peasant’s diet. The only trouble being that guillemots nest on ledges, precariously balanced on cliff sides, so collecting them meant risking life and limb hundreds of feet above jagged rocks and raging seas. And if this wasn’t dangerous enough, angry birds were likely to attack anyone trying to steal their precious eggs.” Found on the Discovery Channel online.

If you lived in The Middle Ages you could have had this occupation:

The Leech Collector: These poor unfortunates collected leeches – used for medicinal bloodletting – by wading into marshes and letting the little bloodsuckers cling to their legs. One leech is uncomfortable; imagine pulling a whole bucketful off your body! The wounds often became infected and bacteria from the leeches could cause nasty stomach upsets.” Found on the Discovery Channel online.

And finally, in the Georgian Era you could have had this job:

The Mule Scavenger: Georgian mill owners cared about profits and not about the lives of their workers – and the mule scavenger probably had the worst job in the mill. They were child apprentices, as young as eight, often from the local workhouse. They got board, lodgings and pocket money to crawl around under the ‘mules’ (weaving machines) and collect fluff and cotton. The mills were hot, humid and very noisy and mule scavengers worked 12 to 14 hours at a time, with no proper meal breaks. Concentration was everything, as they had to move with the rhythm of the ‘mule’. One slip and they could lose a finger, a hand or even their life, as they were crushed in the heavy machinery.” Found on the Discovery Channel online.

…Yeah, we’re definitely thankful for TappIn and GlobalSCAPE!

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We’d Like to Thank the Academy…

Award season has kicked off in Hollywood filled with the great tradition of red carpets and fashion statements. Despite the fact we are not movie stars, TappIn just couldn’t stay out of the spotlight. We are very excited to announce that TappIn is a finalist for the Info Security 2012 Global Excellence Awards in the SaaS/Cloud Solution category.

This is the 8th year running for the Info Security Global Excellence Awards. This year marks the second consecutive year in which GlobalSCAPE, TappIn’s parent company, has been named a Global Excellence Award finalist. GlobalSCAPE’s Managed Information Xchange™ (MIX) solution won the award for the same SaaS/Cloud Solution category in 2011.

To see a list of other awards TappIn has won in the past click here. And while you’re watching all of the Hollywood awards shows this season be sure to use TappIn to share the photos of your reactions to red carpet fashion tragedies.

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TappIn Beats Dropbox

With so many options for storage of your files, it’s nice to know that you can depend on TappIn to come out on top. We believe that’s because TappIn is unique and offers its users more advantages and security than other available options. But you don’t have to take our word for it, just read PCWorld’s review of TappIn.

Here are some quick snippets from the review that showcase why TappIn is better than some other options, such as Dropbox:

“TappIn works slightly differently from remote access storage services like Dropbox. With Dropbox, you are buying storage space on the company’s server and allowing others to access your files and folders there. With TappIn, you allow the app to retrieve your data from a designated folder, encrypt it, and send it to another computer or mobile device. TappIn is less expensive than Dropbox, because you are not paying for storage space, and it’s faster, because you don’t have to upload files.”

I know you’re thinking, “of course, TappIn has the advantage because I’m storing my files locally and not on some mysterious cloud server, but did the reviewer comment on how easy it was to safely share my files?” Yes, the reviewer addresses that wonderfully:

“It was easy to set up and use TappIn. After you sign up for an account, you browse through your files and folders and designate which ones you want to give access to. Then you enter the emails of the people to whom you want to give that access, along with a customizable message letting them know that the files are available. The sharer can require those they share with to log in to TappIn with their own ID and password or they can allow others to see the files without logging in. It would seem to be a no-brainer to require the recipients to log in with a password to keep privacy to a maximum, given how many emails get hacked these days.”

So what did they leave out? Why do you think TappIn is better than other cloud storage services? We want to hear from you! Respond to the review or this blog post. It’s 2012, if that Mayan calendar is right, you’ll be glad you supported TappIn and kept your files where you could find them.

Happy New Year!

We hope your 2012 will be your best year yet. As friends and customers, you may have wondered about the progress of TappIn and GlobalSCAPE. Everything is going great and you will be seeing and hearing more from us as the year launches.

In fact, GlobalSCAPE’s CEO, Jim Morris, will be highlighting TappIn during his presentation at BOCEMb 2012, the 8th Annual Noble Financial Equity Conference. BOCEMb 2012 will be held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on January 18. Mr. Morris will discuss the acquisition strategy and company growth.

We know traveling to Florida may not be one of your New Year’s resolutions, so we’re happy to let you know that you can watch the webcast of the presentation. Mr. Morris is presenting at 12:00 PM EST and the webcast is available in the investor’s section of the GlobalSCAPE Web site.


Last Chance to Upgrade TappIn with Promotional Pricing

Three days left until Christmas. Yes, we know time has flown by and yes of course it’s okay to wait until the last minute to complete your holiday shopping. That’s where we believe we can help.

At TappIn, we love the holidays, so much so that we’re offering a TappIn Standard Edition annual subscription upgrade for just $9.99! It’s perfect for last minute shoppers and the perfect gift for a family member, coworker, or friend.

There are great benefits to giving or upgrading to the Standard Edition including:

· Music: Custom playlists created on-the-fly
· Video: Select and play or share videos
· Devices: Install TappIn on unlimited numbers of computers and have unlimited access
· Display Ads: There aren’t any!

In addition, our new CloudCache features will be available only to Standard Edition users in 2012 – and there are more changes coming! Need to see more? Please see our pricing and features chart at When you are ready, hit the Buy Now button and get the best version of TappIn ever!

Remember, the special promotional period to try Standard Edition free and the promotional upgrade pricing for the Standard Edition annual subscription at $9.99 will end on December 31, 2011. As of January 1, 2012 all free users will be returned to the Lite Edition and the Standard Edition will return to $19.99 per user per year.

From all of us at TappIn,

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Red Herring Global 100

TappIn Named a Red Herring Global Top 100 Winner!

As a leading innovator in digital content access and file sharing for the mobile community, we are proud to announce that TappIn has been selected as a Red Herring 2011 Top 100 Global award recipient, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most audacious and far reaching private technology companies and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

“Choosing the best out of the previous two years was by no means a small feat,” said Alex Vieux, Chairman of Red Herring. “After rigorous contemplation and discussion, we narrowed down our list from 1,100 potential companies to 100 winners. It was an extremely difficult process. TappIn should be extremely proud of its achievement; the competition for the Top 100 was fierce. The Top 100 Global are truly the best of the best.”

Red Herring’s editorial staff evaluated the companies on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technology innovation, management quality, strategy, and market penetration. This assessment of potential is complemented by a review of the track record and standing of startups relative to their sector peers, allowing Red Herring to see past the “buzz” and make the list an invaluable instrument of discovery and advocacy for the greatest business opportunities from around the world.

Red Herring’s Global 100 list has become a mark of distinction for identifying promising companies and entrepreneurs. Red Herring editors were among the first to recognize that companies such as Google, Skype, Baidu,, YouTube, eBay, and many others would change the way we live and work. Winners were announced on December 7, 2011 at an awards banquet in Los Angeles, California.

TappIn’s innovative technology has won numerous awards and accolades from leading industry authorities. “As mobile technology increasingly pervades all aspects of our everyday lives, the ability to access rich media content—from documents to music to photos—on those devices is becoming a must for mobile users at work and at home,” said Chris Hopen, president of TappIn. “Through our recent acquisition by GlobalSCAPE and recognition from industry leaders like Red Herring, we’re continuing to generate growing awareness of our access solution and anticipate expansive growth in 2012.”


GlobalSCAPE and the TappIn App for Kindle Fire-Up the LD MICRO Conference!

Greetings fellow TappIn fans. It’s great to be a part of the GlobalSCAPE family and have an opportunity to speak directly with customers, prospective customers and investors. Last week both Chris Hopen, president of TappIn, Inc. and Jim Morris, CEO of GlobalSCAPE were speaking at the LD MICRO conference in Los Angeles and giving a demonstration on the new Kindle Fire’s TappIn app – on the day of our announcement. Jim and Chris were a big hit and had to relocate to the hallway so the other presentations could continue! If you would like more information on this presentation or would like to listen to the webcast, you can check it out at

If you haven’t seen the new TappIn on Kindle Fire you can download it free at TappIn Free from the Amazon Appstore for Android. Check it out!

GlobalSCAPE® Acquires Innovative Mobile File Sharing Company TappIn™

GlobalSCAPE, Inc. (NYSE Amex: GSB), a leading developer of secure information exchange solutions for businesses and consumers, today announced that the company has expanded its capabilities by acquiring privately-held, Seattle-based mobile file sharing innovator TappIn, Inc.

“Combining GlobalSCAPE’s leadership in secure information exchange with TappIn’s strength in secure digital content mobility allows us to deliver a powerful solution for consumers and businesses,” said GlobalSCAPE CEO Jim Morris. “Through this acquisition, GlobalSCAPE continues to remove barriers between users and their content, stored in multiple locations, while maintaining privacy and security regardless of the device being used. There has been explosive growth in tablet and smartphone sales in recent years, and we expect this trend to continue, driving strong market demand for the TappIn solution.”

We are very excited to announce that GlobalSCAPE®, a leader in the secure information exchange solutions,  has acquired TappIn. As a TappIn customer, you will continue to receive the same leading-edge product and high level of service you’ve come to expect from us. But now, we can serve you better with increased resources to drive innovation faster and offer even more options for securely accessing and sharing files.

The GlobalSCAPE mission is to connect you with your digital content securely and seamlessly, anytime and anywhere. TappIn’s expertise and technology enhances GlobalSCAPE’s ability to remove file access barriers between you and your important media and data.  Again, TappIn will continue to provide you an easy and secure way to access, view, and share files stored on a home or work computer, from most mobile devices, platforms, and browsers.  You still don’t have to upload files to the cloud — we provide you access to your data wherever it lives.  We fully support Apple iPhone® and iPad®, Google® Android™, Amazon® Kindle and Windows® Phone.

One final note – you’ll continue seeing additional capabilities and integration between TappIn and GlobalSCAPE solutions, bringing you even more benefits in the future.