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Momentum updates of TappIn.

TappIn Professional Edition Release

Tappin Ready For Business
The primary vision of TappIn is to offer people a single, secure way to access, send and manage all content, regardless of where it is stored. And with the new release of TappIn Professional Edition, we are closer than ever to making TappIn everyone’s one-stop shop for accessing all of their files anytime, anywhere.

So, what’s so special about TappIn Professional Edition?

There are three key features that come with the TappIn Professional Edition that take TappIn’s vision to the next level:

  1. OnTapp – is a 10 GB cloud storage repository that enables users to access, copy and share their stored content when their permanent storage device is off or in sleep mode. OnTapp not only keeps your content on your computer, server, or NAS device (without syncing or copying), it also allows users to set transactional parameters around that content.
  2. Salesforce Integration – with the integration of Salesforce, TappIn users can now access information stored in their Salesforce account using the same TappIn interface they’ve been using to access content stored on a home or office computer.
  3. TappIn Group Manager – is a set of administrative capabilities that enable businesses to manage groups of users. Settings in Group Manager are designed specifically for our professional users and businesses in the always growing mobile workforce.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution comes with many rewards as well as risks. With TappIn’s approach to secure file sharing, we are helping to address perhaps the biggest risk in cloud storage and BYOD — security.

More and more people are choosing TappIn over cloud storage, because it is the most secure and inexpensive solution on the market today. The BYOD movement (and its challenges) are going to continue to grow and we here at TappIn are looking forward to growing with it!

TappIn Partners with ESET!

TappIn Inc. by GlobalSCAPE is proud to welcome ESET, the newest members of its affiliate partner program!  TappIn is so excited to make this announcement as ESET’s anti-virus solutions and proactive cyber threat protections have made them one of the best anti-malware vendors in the world.

A recent study showed that 81% of workers now use personal electronic devices in the workplace.  And of that 81% one-third of respondents said that their company’s data was not encrypted, making accessing it remotely very risky for business owners.  ESET has been delivering trusted internet protection for years, but the popularity of remote access has only very recently exploded.

A Little Bit About ESET

You already know how we here at TappIn started and how TappIn works, but we wanted to give you a little bit more information on ESET as well.  With millions of users worldwide, ESET is one of the most recommended security solutions in the world.  Their products are sold in over 180 different countries and they have headquarters in North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

“ESET has long been at the forefront of computer security with industry-leading virus and malware detection that protect against a host of evolving threats,” said Chris Hopen, President of TappIn, Inc.

And now ESET users can use TappIn to safely and securely remote access file sharing, picture sharing, and streaming music, all from almost any mobile device.  “TappIn’s approach to mobile content access offers secure access and sharing, and is consistent with the caliber of security our customers have come to expect from ESET,” said Andrew Lee, CEO, ESET North America.


GlobalSCAPE and the TappIn App for Kindle Fire-Up the LD MICRO Conference!

Greetings fellow TappIn fans. It’s great to be a part of the GlobalSCAPE family and have an opportunity to speak directly with customers, prospective customers and investors. Last week both Chris Hopen, president of TappIn, Inc. and Jim Morris, CEO of GlobalSCAPE were speaking at the LD MICRO conference in Los Angeles and giving a demonstration on the new Kindle Fire’s TappIn app – on the day of our announcement. Jim and Chris were a big hit and had to relocate to the hallway so the other presentations could continue! If you would like more information on this presentation or would like to listen to the webcast, you can check it out at

If you haven’t seen the new TappIn on Kindle Fire you can download it free at TappIn Free from the Amazon Appstore for Android. Check it out!

HomePipe Rocks!

I’ve been around long enough to know a good technology from a bad one – or a solution that solves a problem no one has! As the proud new chief marketing officer of HomePipe, I assure you, this is a unique technology that really works. (Trust me, there are plenty out there that don’t!) HomePipe elegantly solves a problem that most of us have and the company participates in the one of the largest and fastest growing segments in the technology market – mobile. A powerful combination for anyone in my line of work!

As I mentioned, HomePipe is different. If you haven’t tried it, you should really check it out. It delivers a quick, secure way to access and share photos, videos, music and documents across a broad range of mobile devices anywhere, anytime. It saves us from hours uploading content to a cloud service or syncing and copying it from one place to another. You never have to worry about paying for storage that you don’t need since your files are saved in one place—the storage you already paid for on your computer.

And, HomePipe is easy—easy to install and even easier to use. I didn’t have to fill out a registration form and unclick from receiving volumes of promotional material. I just entered my email address and clicked “get started!” I immediately received an email with an activation link. I clicked the link and it literally took seconds to download! I couldn’t believe it.

Within minutes I was using my iPad to access and share online files—my son’s football pics and videos as well as my daughter’s artwork—with my relatives in Arizona, friends across the US and my colleagues here in Seattle. I didn’t spend hours organizing and uploading my stuff as HomePipe gave me access to all the files stored on my computer–even on my external drives. In the time it would have taken to just register for one of those cloud storage services, I was already using the HomePipe service. I even used HomePipe to stream music to my Android phone right from my iTunes library on my Mac back at the house. Now that’s cool!

HomePipe is everything I expected. During my research, I consistently saw comments from HomePipe subscribers raving about the service. One user credits HomePipe with a perfect marriage proposal! Now what cloud storage service can do that?

The future is bright for HomePipe and its passionate fan base. I am excited to be here. We’re busy enhancing the service to make it even better and there’s a new release coming in just a few weeks (hint, hint) – more on that later. This will be an exciting year!

If you don’t have HomePipe, download it free and try it. You’ll love it. If you have HomePipe and a story to share or just want to send me a comment, please email at I’d love to hear from you.

Our Digital Content Access and Sharing Service Receives $1.1M from Investors

HomepipeWe just wanted to let you know that HomePipe just received a $1.1M boost from a group of private investors that are really excited about our growth in subscribers and utilization of our awesome service. So thanks to all our customers who signed up for HomePipe and use it every day!

What are we going to do with our money? We’re going to do a 15 second Super Bowl commercial! Just kidding. We’re going to expand our service to give our customers the most amazing solution possible. HomePipe is revolutionizing the ability for today’s mobile consumers and professionals to quickly, easily and securely access, view and share digital content. High resolution photos, videos, presentations, documents, and music stored on a home or work computer can be accessed and shared from any web browser or mobile device.

Today, HomePipe works on Apple® iPhone® and iPadTM, Google® AndroidTM, and Windows® Phone 7 – all without cloud storage, uploading, syncing, organizing or complex software and hardware installations requiring additional fees. Just imagine…no matter where you have content – even in cloud services – you could instantly access and share it with anyone, anywhere – anytime using any browser or mobile device.

How big is the opportunity?  Here’s just a few data points.

  • Recently Apple surpassed 10 billion app downloads with billions more expected for Apple, Android and BlackBerry®.
  • Gartner estimates 17.7 billion downloads for 2011—a 117 percent over its 8.2 billion download estimate for 2010 and this number is expected to grow to nearly 200 billion downloads by 2014.1
  • Nielsen’s projects that by mid-2011, a smartphone user base of 150 million, 300 million mobile subscribers, 120 million mobile web users and 90 million users will be streaming video.

Combine the figures above with the average home storing nearly nine Terabytes of content by 20132, and the opportunity for a secure digital content solution that easily enables consumers and professionals to access and share photos, documents, music and videos from a single view will be…big!

More good news. HomePipe was recently named as a Top Global 500 Appan award covering all devices and formats, with forty different top app categories and expert reviews of the best 500 apps available around world.

The HomePipe application is still available as a Free Edition that gives full access to the service, but limits the number of uses. HomePipe’s Premium Edition provides unlimited use for $23.99 annual subscription.

As always, we love getting your feedback. Send any product comments or suggestions to us at