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Top Ten Reasons to Use TappIn

There’s no doubt that the Cloud can make things easier, but easier doesn’t “always” mean better.  Beyond the convenience of being able to access your content wherever and whenever you want to, there are also additional security and backup measures to consider that you would never have to give a moment’s thought if you were simply storing data locally.

TappIn is a technology that allows for the convenience of the cloud with the safety of local data storage. Once installed on your home or work computer, all your content can be accessed from any mobile device or web-enabled computer – not just the content you remembered to upload to the cloud.

no-cloud-neededHere are ten reasons you may want to switch over to TappIn:

1. No Cloud Required: For starters: there’s no Cloud in use when you use TappIn, so all the worries that come into play when using the Cloud simply disappear.

2. A Secure Connection: TappIn works by giving you access to your own files from wherever you are, so you’re not storing your files on someone else’s insecure server, but on your own home computer.

3. No Sync Needed: Syncing with the Cloud can be a tedious, time consuming process. You have to sit there and wait for the sync to be completed when you’d rather close your laptop or turn your phone off and be done with it.

4. No Storage Fees: You don’t have to pay anyone to host your content with TappIn, since you handle that part of the deal.

5. Deep Compatibility: Some Cloud services demand that you use a specific OS, TappIn lets you access from any web-enabled device.

6. No File Transferring: If you want to listen to your MP3’s through the Cloud, get ready for a night of file transferring. With TappIn, you can tapp right in and start listening.

7. Access Anytime: Cloud servers go down frequently, your home computer doesn’t have to handle such a big workload.

8. Built in Media Capabilities: TappIn is specifically built with media playing in mind, so you can load up any media library you like.

9. Direct Sharing: You can share directly from your computer to your Facebook page, email or other outlet. It’s up to you. There are Cloud hosts that make this a little more difficult.

10. Share Any Size:  Easily share through texting and messaging with TappIn. This isn’t true of all Cloud hosts.

TappIn works a lot like a traditional Cloud, but it removes some of the risks and expenses involved so that you can save and share with little worry.


TappIn now available through the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace

Tappin is pleased to partner with Rackspace to provide customers more freedom to access and share their data no matter where life takes them!

You’re moments away from a huge presentation and you’re ready to knock it out of the park. You open your tablet. You’re going to wow the audience. But, uh oh, the file you need isn’t there. It’s on your laptop, which is in the car … in your garage at home.

This may be an extreme example, but it just goes to show that when you don’t have access to all the files that you need, it can lead to frustration as well as a drop in productivity. Yes, cloud services can help with this, but even still, you may be lacking some of the necessary technology to truly make a difference.

Tappin makes it easy to access your content from any mobile device

TappIn changes that. At TappIn, we have developed a service that allows you to access files stored on any computer, server or cloud. Not only can you access and securely share files, but you can do so from any web browser and from virtually any mobile device, including the Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

“Rackspace customers look for flexibility and agility from an open cloud platform,” said Ven Shanmugam, senior manager for corporate strategy at Rackspace. “By aligning efforts with TappIn, we are eliminating obstacles that once plagued businesses by helping them leverage the cloud to gain unhindered access to their data. We’re excited to have TappIn available to our customers via the Cloud Tools Marketplace and we look forward to ongoing collaboration.”

TappIn gives customers the ability to instantly access and securely share virtually all of their files, no matter where they’re stored: on office and home computers, office servers, or OnTapp cloud storage. Using SSL encryption to safeguard content, TappIn securely allows sharing of files from any web browser on your desktop and from mobile devices and platforms, including Apple iPhone®, Google® Android™ and Windows® Phone.

“Instant access to your data from anywhere can seem like a luxury for some, but it’s a critical part of day-to-day business activities for many others,” says Bill Buie, Globalscape executive vice president of sales and marketing. “There is rarely a substitute for ‘now’ and we’re excited to help connect Rackspace customers with their data quickly and securely, regardless of where they are or where their content is stored.”

After downloading the TappIn solution, all Rackspace customers will receive a 30-day free trial of the TappIn Pro Edition, which provides seamless, mobile access to your data, access to OnTapp secure cloud storage service, direct WebDAV access to your content, and administrative functionality to support groups of users. Customers can then choose to continue using the Pro Edition for $39.99 per year or switch to TappIn’s Standard Edition for $19.99 per year.

Learn more about TappIn through the Cloud Tools Marketplace at or at


Cisco: Mobile Data Traffic Set to Explode in the Next Five Years

How we access data – from corporate documents to personal photographs to the internet – is changing rapidly. In the past 15 years, we’ve moved from painfully slow dial-up connections (yes, cringe-worthy, we know) to high speed fixed broadband such as DSL and Ethernet, to the mobile broadband that now enables our increasingly “smart” phones and tablets. Think about it – just a few years ago, the fact that you could play Tetris on your Blackberry was pretty exciting. Now, people expect to be able to stream YouTube videos and access high-resolution pictures from their iPhones, iPads, and Androids.

The numbers back this up. According to market research firm Infonetics, in 2010 the number of mobile broadband subscribers surpassed the number of fixed broadband (DSL, PON, Ethernet) subscribers for the first time, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. 3G and 4G mobile broadband enable mobile devices to rapidly access bandwidth hungry applications and data – the same applications and data once exclusively reserved to a computer. Now, there’s no reason to lug around a laptop or go find a desktop when you can just get it on your phone.

And people are taking that sentiment to heart. According to a report issued by Cisco yesterday, mobile data traffic will jump 18-fold between 2011 and 2016, up to 130 exabytes of traffic per year, or roughly the equivalent of 33 billion DVDs worth of data. Now that’s a lot of data. All of this data traffic will be enabled by the roughly 10 billion smartphones Cisco predicts will be in use by 2016 – or roughly 1.4 smartphones for every person on the planet at that time.

All of this data access is great, except for the fact that the data itself has to reside somewhere, and for all their great capabilities, it’s probably not going to be on your smartphone. According to research firm IDC, the volume of digital information will swell to 8 zettabytes by 2015, the equivalent of filling equivalent of filling eight billion of Apple Inc.’s priciest desktop iMacs to capacity. Chances are it will be on your work computer, your home computer (yes, computers – come on, as great as touch screens are, I sure wouldn’t want to be typing this blog post on one), perhaps a NAS storage drive, a server, or in cloud storage somewhere. The key is going to be accessing all that diverse storage on the same little handheld device. The five tiny gigabytes of storage you get with your free iCloud subscription isn’t going to cut it – not even close.

At TappIn, we’re here to help you out. With TappIn by GlobalSCAPE, it’s as though all that data stored across all of your computers, storage drives, and cloud services were simply stored on your smartphone. It’s right there at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. So go ahead – use that mobile broadband!

– Doug Wheeler