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How to leverage TappIn features and benefits for work and play.

Get On TappIn!

Have you converted your account from HomePipe to TappIn?  Are you afraid something might stop working, it’s going to be a big hassle, or you just really love the little white picket fence on the green grass background?  Don’t worry.  It’s easy to do, it works great and it happens really fast.

What’s in it for you?

  • All HomePipe Lite Edition accounts become TappIn Lite and receive a free upgrade to Standard Edition for the next 3 months.
  • All HomePipe Standard Edition accounts become TappIn Standard and receive an additional year free.  That’s right, when your current annual subscription ends we’ll give you another year of service – free!
  •  TappIn is now available in six additional languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  •  We have dramatically improved the product interface.  We’ve enhanced the web app and every mobile platform to make sure you can quickly and easily connect and share your digital content – from anywhere, anytime.

Here’s how to update your app:

Just go to the home page on and select Support from the top navigation. and it will take you to our Support page.  See below

Now, select the Desktop App that is appropriate for your computer.

You will see an application dialog from TappIn.  Just select ‘Run’ and follow the instructions.

All done!

As always, should you have any problems, just contact us at:
We look forward to seeing you on the new TappIn platform.  Enjoy!

The TappIn Team

How to Make Your HTC HD7 a Ginormous Productivity Monster!

HTC HD7 recognizes HomePipe as All Time Top App!

We are thrilled that HD7 Apps listed HomePipe as All Time Top App for HTC HD7! HomePipe makes it easy to access files from your home or work computer or perform online file sharing—videos, music, photos and documents. Now it’s a Top App for HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 to share music, videos and more. HomePipe shares the honors with other Top Apps including Facebook, YouTube and Acrobat Reader.

Imagine what you can do with your HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 and HomePipe!

  • With HomePipe and the HD7’s big 4.3″ high res screen, just flip out the kickstand, kick back and stream movies or videos from your home laptop anytime you want.
  • Make your own movies with the HD7’s built-in 720p HD camcorder. It lets you to capture film with incredible quality and detail. Using HomePipe, you can share your videos with friends and family.
  • Go from pocket to picture in seconds! The HD7 lets you capture amazing photos. So why upload and manage your photos in the cloud? Share your photos instantly and directly from your HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 with HomePipe! Whether you’re across the globe or across the street, you can share photos online anytime with whomever you want using HomePipe!
  • Stream your favorite tunes from your home or work computer to your HD7.

Just go to the Marketplace and download HomePipe for free.

Just click the “free” button and within seconds, you’re set. With HomePipe and your HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7, you will have the ultimate entertainment monster at our fingertips! Don’t wait! Get HomePipe today! To learn more, visit HomePipe

Not So Sunny When It’s All In the Cloud

How to BackUp Gmail and head-off another Glitch with Anytime, Anywhere Backup File Access—

Recently over 150,000 Internet users found their Gmail inboxes, contacts and chat conversations gone–vanished. According to Google, the issue was caused by a storage software update that introduced an unexpected bug. Google has begun restoring data from tape backups, explaining in a blog post that while it maintains several electronic copies of every email sent through its system, this particular glitch destroyed every electronic copy of affected emails, and retrieving them from tape backups could be a long process. Although Google’s Gmail service temporary data loss won’t make the history books, it does serve as a reminder that no matter how reliable some cloud-based services are, none are infallible.

The “cloud” is a popular term for computing, and file sharing and storage from remote data centers. Many rely on cloud services, like Google Gmail, Flickr or Yahoo! Video to safely send, share and/or store files. Yet recently Yahoo! Video announced it was closing, leaving thousands of video sharing users in the lurch. Other cloud services are expected to follow suit. And, now with the Google Gmail glitch, people are asking whether it’s smart to put your complete trust in the cloud.

As 97.3 KIRO-FM host Dave Ross put it, “When I saw this story, it confirmed all my worst fears about this idea of cloud computing — that is, trusting your sacred data to this collective electronic entity somewhere in the ether.”

So what’s the solution? Simply, backup your data that is stored in the cloud. As Google proved, the cloud is not a solid fortress so don’t take any chances. Here are a few ways to backup your Gmail account:

1. You can simply setup Gmail to forward all your emails to another email account, but that’s just distributing the risk and really isn’t a foolproof solution.

2. Gmail Backup is a free Windows-only service designed to backup and restore your Gmail mailbox. After installation, simply type in your credentials and it will download your emails, allowing you to restore them to your account should Gmail encounter another snafu. Files are stored in your local directory.

3. For $20, Gmail Keeper will back up Gmail messages and any other data from your Google Apps as a zip file to a local disk. It supports multiple accounts and even stores labels associated with each message.

There are other solutions, but most involve moving your data from one cloud to another. So distributing the risk is not really solving the problem as you’re still relying on the “collective electronic entity in the ether.” So the most reliable way to backup your Gmail is to your hard drive or and then copy and then save to a DVD or external drive if you want to backup your backup.

If Gmail has another glitch, you’ll be covered—if you’re down the street or halfway around the world. Remember, with HomePipe you can always access your files from anywhere, anytime on any Internet or broadband-connected device. In minutes, you can retrieve your backup files and get back to business.

So to protect your data, start backing up your Gmail and all your other cloud computing and storage accounts to your hard disk or an external drive. Use HomePipe to ensure anytime, anywhere access in case one of your “clouds rain on your parade” and goes down with all your data. HomePipe takes seconds to download and it’s free so why wait? Try HomePipe today.