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TappIn: How It All Began

Chris Hopen, President at TappIn

In 2009, TappIn’s founder, Chris Hopen, was at his wits’ end. His mother-in-law always wanted to see the latest pictures of the kids’ soccer games and videos of dance recitals, and it seemed he and his wife could never upload them to a photo or video website (or send them via email) fast enough.

They already had their hands full with jobs and kids, and often taking the time to upload photos to the web just wasn’t a high priority. With his wife and mother-in-law in mind, as well as a strong background in web security, Chris created TappIn.

By creating a secure pathway through the cloud, TappIn provides instant access to any file saved on your computer, and allows for instant sharing of selected files and folders with friends and family.

The second the video of your daughter’s piano recital is saved on your computer, it’s available to all of your selected friends and family on their computers or mobile devices via the TappIn app.

There is no need to upload, organize and sync files between devices, or pay for additional cloud storage, making it great for busy moms and dads on the go. No need for mom or dad to carry pictures of the kids in their wallets – they can just “tap in” to them via their smartphone whenever the urge to brag strikes.

Chris Hopen not only wanted to make sure that this service was secure but also affordable. That’s why TappIn only costs $1.99 a month for unlimited access and sharing from multiple devices. No matter where mom and dad’s pictures, videos, and documents are stored, or which family member can’t wait to see them, TappIn makes it possible


TappIn gives you fast access to all your content from any mobile device without paying for cloud storage.  Get a 30 Day Risk Free Trial Now!