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How to Make Your HTC HD7 a Ginormous Productivity Monster!

HTC HD7 recognizes HomePipe as All Time Top App!

We are thrilled that HD7 Apps listed HomePipe as All Time Top App for HTC HD7! HomePipe makes it easy to access files from your home or work computer or perform online file sharing—videos, music, photos and documents. Now it’s a Top App for HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 to share music, videos and more. HomePipe shares the honors with other Top Apps including Facebook, YouTube and Acrobat Reader.

Imagine what you can do with your HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 and HomePipe!

  • With HomePipe and the HD7’s big 4.3″ high res screen, just flip out the kickstand, kick back and stream movies or videos from your home laptop anytime you want.
  • Make your own movies with the HD7’s built-in 720p HD camcorder. It lets you to capture film with incredible quality and detail. Using HomePipe, you can share your videos with friends and family.
  • Go from pocket to picture in seconds! The HD7 lets you capture amazing photos. So why upload and manage your photos in the cloud? Share your photos instantly and directly from your HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 with HomePipe! Whether you’re across the globe or across the street, you can share photos online anytime with whomever you want using HomePipe!
  • Stream your favorite tunes from your home or work computer to your HD7.

Just go to the Marketplace and download HomePipe for free.

Just click the “free” button and within seconds, you’re set. With HomePipe and your HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7, you will have the ultimate entertainment monster at our fingertips! Don’t wait! Get HomePipe today! To learn more, visit HomePipe