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TappIn Named Tech Awards Circle Winner!

At TappIn, we are focused on being the best at connecting content to people and people to content.  Clearly, the convergence of our lives on to mobile devices makes providing secure digital content access and file sharing for everyone a popular topic.

To that end, we were excited to learn that the new TappIn was selected as a winner of the Tech Awards Circle, taking Bronze in the Best Consumer/SOHO Software category for our innovative remote access and sharing solution.  TappIn joins past winners including YouSendIt, Fujitsu, and FireEye.

“Despite strong competition, TappIn exhibited industry excellence and placed in the top of the Tech Awards Circle,” said Kevin Anderson, awards program coordinator. “Our judges were impressed with the submissions for this year’s competition, so to be named a winner of this prestigious award is a testament to the quality and innovation unrivaled in the high tech community.  We wish TappIn continued success and look forward to them defending their title during the next awards period.”

The Tech Awards Circle was established this year to truly honor the ‘best of the best’ in technology. Tech Awards Circle celebrates the products, services, vendors and individuals making a difference in the industry today. The winners represent a broad range of achievements, from hardware to software to services in consumer/SOHO, SMB, midrange, and enterprise markets. Gold, silver and bronze awards were given out in each category.

Here’s why we are especially proud to receive this honor.  “Tech Awards Circle is not affiliated with an analyst firm or a media company, both of which are directly supported by tech vendors through consulting relationships or advertising sales, so it is uniquely unbiased and immune to conflicts of interest. Entries are judged by an independent circle of journalists, including product reviewers, each with at least a decade of experience covering technology from consumer electronics to enterprise-class computing.”

We continue to hear from award committees and customers that TappIn’s ability to simply, instantly and securely access or share photos, music, videos and documents stored on computer(s) using any web-browser or mobile device is unique.  The TappIn solution is a step beyond current solutions that require people to spend time and money uploading and managing files in the cloud.

We always tell prospective customers – don’t get ‘boxed in’ (get it?) waiting to upload and sync select files or pay for additional cloud storage. Whether you’re a student, parent, best friend or business professional, just TappIn to ALL of your content anytime, anywhere!

HomePipe Networks Becomes TappIn

Greetings, we have exciting news!  Many of you have sent us emails and feature requests telling us that our solution is just as valuable for business professionals to use in their work environment.  We agree.  We are pleased to announce that we’ve extended our company strategy and product suite to include capabilities for small business professionals.

As you would expect, the name ‘HomePipe,’ as much as we love it, doesn’t really fit the new company and product direction.  Therefore, on Wednesday, September 14 we are announcing our new company brand and product suite transforming from HomePipe Networks to TappIn.

We like TappIn because it personifies how our product solves real problems for customers.  Digital content is stored everywhere – your home computer, work laptop, smartphone and various cloud services (e.g. saleforce.com). However, that content can be difficult to find, access and share with other people.

The new TappIn connects digital content and people.  Whether you’re a student, parent, best friend, business professional or small business, TappIn’s secure cloud service makes available any size documents or rich media files (e.g. music, photos and videos) to web-browsers and mobile devices, including Apple® iPhone® and iPad®, Google® Android™ and Windows® Phone 7, regardless of where that content is stored—without having to upload, sync or pay for additional cloud storage. You can use TappIn to access and share your digital content – anytime, anywhere.

What’s in it for you?

  • TappIn Lite now has unlimited use.  We heard you.  Many of the support questions on the Lite Edition have been around – ‘what constitutes a use?’  Now you don’t have to worry.  Use the Lite Edition as often as you want.  What’s the catch?  You still get ads (we have to pay for it somehow…) and there will be additional feature enhancements that won’t be available to the free Lite Edition in the future.
  • All TappIn Lite customers will receive a free upgrade to Standard Edition for the next 3 months.  We want you to see the best we have to offer.  At the end of 3 months, you can keep your Standard Edition for an upgrade fee of $9.99 for the year or choose to downgrade to Lite Edition.
  • All TappIn Standard Edition customers will receive an additional year free.  That’s right, when your current annual subscription ends we’ll give you another year of service – free!  We want you to see the best we have to offer.  At the end of your free year, you can keep your Standard Edition for an annual fee of $19.99 or simply downgrade to the Lite Edition.
  • Unlike your cable company, we are offering all of our existing customers the same introductory price as our new customers.  At any time over the next 90 days you can buy as many licenses as you want for $9.99.  You can now purchase multiple licenses right from the website to make it easy on families and small businesses.
  • We have dramatically improved the product interface.  We’ve enhanced the web app and every mobile platform to make sure you can quickly and easily connect and share your digital content – from anywhere, anytime.
  • With our enhanced SecureShare, TappIn eliminates the need for large file transfer services and instead enables professionals to quickly and safely stream files of any size through our encrypted cloud platform, providing a simple, cost-effective solution.
  • We are now global.  TappIn is now available in six additional languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  • We have added new personalization, security, and mobility features and a lot more.  You can see all the Summer Release upgrades at www.tappin.com/features-overview.  While you are there, please check out our new Rappin’ TappIn song.  No kidding. We decided this release was so cool, we made a rap song to tell you about it – listen to our rap at www.tappin.com/images/rap.mp3
There’s more coming soon to Standard Edition customers.
  • CloudCaching.  Ever forgot and turned off your computer – then needed something while you were away?  We’ve solved that problem with the CloudCaching feature. TappIn will provide a transitional cloud storage repository that allows you to “pin” content to TappIn’s secure cloud, and set conditions under which that content will stay in, or be automatically removed from, the CloudCache.  Simply designate an expiration date for the content, or have it automatically removed after it is viewed by specific parties, providing total control over who sees the content, when they see it and for what period of time.
  • Salesforce Integration.  Designed for mobile professionals, our Salesforce.com integration enables road warriors to access information stored in Salesforce as well as content stored on a home or office computer.  With Salesforce Integration, salesforce.com professionals can instantly and securely share important files stored within Salesforce using just the tap of a finger.

Please visit us at www.tappin.com and update your apps as soon as possible – it’s worth it.

We are incredibly excited about the new TappIn and look forward to delivering even greater value for our customers.  As you know, we are excited about sharing, so if you have suggestions or comments you would like to share, please  send them to us at support@tappin.com.


The TappIn Team

HomePipe Rocks!

I’ve been around long enough to know a good technology from a bad one – or a solution that solves a problem no one has! As the proud new chief marketing officer of HomePipe, I assure you, this is a unique technology that really works. (Trust me, there are plenty out there that don’t!) HomePipe elegantly solves a problem that most of us have and the company participates in the one of the largest and fastest growing segments in the technology market – mobile. A powerful combination for anyone in my line of work!

As I mentioned, HomePipe is different. If you haven’t tried it, you should really check it out. It delivers a quick, secure way to access and share photos, videos, music and documents across a broad range of mobile devices anywhere, anytime. It saves us from hours uploading content to a cloud service or syncing and copying it from one place to another. You never have to worry about paying for storage that you don’t need since your files are saved in one place—the storage you already paid for on your computer.

And, HomePipe is easy—easy to install and even easier to use. I didn’t have to fill out a registration form and unclick from receiving volumes of promotional material. I just entered my email address and clicked “get started!” I immediately received an email with an activation link. I clicked the link and it literally took seconds to download! I couldn’t believe it.

Within minutes I was using my iPad to access and share online files—my son’s football pics and videos as well as my daughter’s artwork—with my relatives in Arizona, friends across the US and my colleagues here in Seattle. I didn’t spend hours organizing and uploading my stuff as HomePipe gave me access to all the files stored on my computer–even on my external drives. In the time it would have taken to just register for one of those cloud storage services, I was already using the HomePipe service. I even used HomePipe to stream music to my Android phone right from my iTunes library on my Mac back at the house. Now that’s cool!

HomePipe is everything I expected. During my research, I consistently saw comments from HomePipe subscribers raving about the service. One user credits HomePipe with a perfect marriage proposal! Now what cloud storage service can do that?

The future is bright for HomePipe and its passionate fan base. I am excited to be here. We’re busy enhancing the service to make it even better and there’s a new release coming in just a few weeks (hint, hint) – more on that later. This will be an exciting year!

If you don’t have HomePipe, download it free and try it. You’ll love it. If you have HomePipe and a story to share or just want to send me a comment, please email at doug@homepipe.net. I’d love to hear from you.

Our Digital Content Access and Sharing Service Receives $1.1M from Investors

HomepipeWe just wanted to let you know that HomePipe just received a $1.1M boost from a group of private investors that are really excited about our growth in subscribers and utilization of our awesome service. So thanks to all our customers who signed up for HomePipe and use it every day!

What are we going to do with our money? We’re going to do a 15 second Super Bowl commercial! Just kidding. We’re going to expand our service to give our customers the most amazing solution possible. HomePipe is revolutionizing the ability for today’s mobile consumers and professionals to quickly, easily and securely access, view and share digital content. High resolution photos, videos, presentations, documents, and music stored on a home or work computer can be accessed and shared from any web browser or mobile device.

Today, HomePipe works on Apple® iPhone® and iPadTM, Google® AndroidTM, and Windows® Phone 7 – all without cloud storage, uploading, syncing, organizing or complex software and hardware installations requiring additional fees. Just imagine…no matter where you have content – even in cloud services – you could instantly access and share it with anyone, anywhere – anytime using any browser or mobile device.

How big is the opportunity?  Here’s just a few data points.

  • Recently Apple surpassed 10 billion app downloads with billions more expected for Apple, Android and BlackBerry®.
  • Gartner estimates 17.7 billion downloads for 2011—a 117 percent over its 8.2 billion download estimate for 2010 and this number is expected to grow to nearly 200 billion downloads by 2014.1
  • Nielsen’s projects that by mid-2011, a smartphone user base of 150 million, 300 million mobile subscribers, 120 million mobile web users and 90 million users will be streaming video.

Combine the figures above with the average home storing nearly nine Terabytes of content by 20132, and the opportunity for a secure digital content solution that easily enables consumers and professionals to access and share photos, documents, music and videos from a single view will be…big!

More good news. HomePipe was recently named as a Top Global 500 Appan award covering all devices and formats, with forty different top app categories and expert reviews of the best 500 apps available around world.

The HomePipe application is still available as a Free Edition that gives full access to the service, but limits the number of uses. HomePipe’s Premium Edition provides unlimited use for $23.99 annual subscription.

As always, we love getting your feedback. Send any product comments or suggestions to us at support@homepipe.net.

Not So Sunny When It’s All In the Cloud

How to BackUp Gmail and head-off another Glitch with Anytime, Anywhere Backup File Access—

Recently over 150,000 Internet users found their Gmail inboxes, contacts and chat conversations gone–vanished. According to Google, the issue was caused by a storage software update that introduced an unexpected bug. Google has begun restoring data from tape backups, explaining in a blog post that while it maintains several electronic copies of every email sent through its system, this particular glitch destroyed every electronic copy of affected emails, and retrieving them from tape backups could be a long process. Although Google’s Gmail service temporary data loss won’t make the history books, it does serve as a reminder that no matter how reliable some cloud-based services are, none are infallible.

The “cloud” is a popular term for computing, and file sharing and storage from remote data centers. Many rely on cloud services, like Google Gmail, Flickr or Yahoo! Video to safely send, share and/or store files. Yet recently Yahoo! Video announced it was closing, leaving thousands of video sharing users in the lurch. Other cloud services are expected to follow suit. And, now with the Google Gmail glitch, people are asking whether it’s smart to put your complete trust in the cloud.

As 97.3 KIRO-FM host Dave Ross put it, “When I saw this story, it confirmed all my worst fears about this idea of cloud computing — that is, trusting your sacred data to this collective electronic entity somewhere in the ether.”

So what’s the solution? Simply, backup your data that is stored in the cloud. As Google proved, the cloud is not a solid fortress so don’t take any chances. Here are a few ways to backup your Gmail account:

1. You can simply setup Gmail to forward all your emails to another email account, but that’s just distributing the risk and really isn’t a foolproof solution.

2. Gmail Backup is a free Windows-only service designed to backup and restore your Gmail mailbox. After installation, simply type in your credentials and it will download your emails, allowing you to restore them to your account should Gmail encounter another snafu. Files are stored in your local directory.

3. For $20, Gmail Keeper will back up Gmail messages and any other data from your Google Apps as a zip file to a local disk. It supports multiple accounts and even stores labels associated with each message.

There are other solutions, but most involve moving your data from one cloud to another. So distributing the risk is not really solving the problem as you’re still relying on the “collective electronic entity in the ether.” So the most reliable way to backup your Gmail is to your hard drive or and then copy and then save to a DVD or external drive if you want to backup your backup.

If Gmail has another glitch, you’ll be covered—if you’re down the street or halfway around the world. Remember, with HomePipe you can always access your files from anywhere, anytime on any Internet or broadband-connected device. In minutes, you can retrieve your backup files and get back to business.

So to protect your data, start backing up your Gmail and all your other cloud computing and storage accounts to your hard disk or an external drive. Use HomePipe to ensure anytime, anywhere access in case one of your “clouds rain on your parade” and goes down with all your data. HomePipe takes seconds to download and it’s free so why wait? Try HomePipe today.



Rose Petals, Champagne, iPad and TappIn – She’ll say “Yes” to This Proposal

homepipeYou know that TappIn offers immediate, no hassle access to your digital files—music, video, audio and documents—anytime, anywhere. You know that it’s easy, convenient and a huge time saver. But did you know that TappIn can actually help you propose? It can!

Meet Todd of Spokane, Washington. Todd is a creative director and Web guru. He and his girlfriend, Marchand, had been dating nearly 2 ½ years when Todd decided it was time to pop the question.

The Holidays were approaching and it was the perfect time for Todd to set his plan into motion. He had secretly taken one of Marchand’s rings for the jeweler to size the engagement ring. He booked the Davenport Hotel for New Year’s festivities and the champagne was ordered. Todd even ordered two engraved champagne glasses with their names and the date to celebrate the occasion. After weeks of meticulous planning, Todd was ready.

Todd had everything planned. Marchand was busy getting dressed for an evening of dinner, dancing and celebrating. While she took her time preparing, Todd readied the room. He had the champagne chilling and the glasses set. He sprinkled rose petals on the bed, spelling out “Will U Marry Me.” He positioned the ring on the bed surrounded by rose petals. It was perfect.

Right before leaving for the evening’s festivities, Todd planned to propose to Marchand.

But as he readied the room and practiced his proposal over and over in his head, he grew more and more nervous. With each passing minute, his proposal became more and more jumbled. It just had to be perfect!

Remembering he had typed out his proposal on his home computer, Todd grabbed his Apple® iPadTM (as shown on the foot of the bed). With a few taps, he remotely accessed his proposal on his home computer using TappIn. On his iPad, Todd read the exact words he wanted to share with Marchand on this special night. Re-reading the proposal refreshed his thoughts and calmed his nerves. Todd was thoroughly prepared. He even positioned the iPad beneath the ring with the proposal file open—made possible by TappIn.

homepipeThe rose petal marquee, the champagne and the engraved glasses were perfect. But most of all, Todd’s proposal was flawless. Todd got the girl. The couple are planning a wedding late this year or next.

Todd’s plotting and planning paid off. She said “Yes.”He credits TappIn for his perfect proposal.

“Thank heaven for TappIn and its quick access,” says Todd. “Without TappIn, my marriage proposal could have been a TV blooper!”

Congratulations Todd and Marchand! Another TappIn success.

Todd, just a little advice about the wedding ceremony: You probably shouldn’t TappIn your vows during the ceremony. Someone may notice the iPad in your tux pocket!

We love to hear stories about how TappIn has made your life easier or better. How TappIn subscribers have been able to access a file in an emergency and save the day or share an important file and save someone else’s day.

Share your TappIn story and you can be a star on our blog—it’s not national TV, but it is close in Blogger Land. We’d love to hear from you. Email us your story at press@tappin.com!

HomePipe Selected as Global Top 500 App

From Angry Birds to Zagat, The Sunday Times Top 500 App List recognizes the world’s best mobile apps.

Compiled by experts in the relevant fields and regular Sunday Times app reviewers, the App List covers all the most popular devices including Apple® iPadTM and iPhone®, RIM® BlackBerry®, Google® AndroidTM, Nokia® and Amazon® Kindle®.

We are excited that HomePipe’s industry leading digital content sharing and access service was selected to the Top 500.Whether it’s sharing a photo, document, music or video, reviewers found that HomePipe lets you easily access and share files online from any Internet-connected device with friends, family and colleagues—anywhere, anytime. That’s just what we wanted to hear…well, read.

So, whether you are a techie who is first in line for the latest smartphone, or a newbie still finding your way around that tablet you got for Christmas, check out The Sunday Times App List and check out HomePipe.We have a free version to get you started.

17.7 Billion Downloads for 2011

According the latest reports, Apple just passed its 10 billionth app download. Industry pundits at Gartner Research see many more billions for Apple, Android and BlackBerry in 2011. The forecaster sees 17.7 billion downloads for 2011, 117% over its 8.2 billion download estimate for 2010. HomePipe can help you share files on your mobile devices easily and conveniently! Plus, it’s free! Download HomePipe today!

HomePipe Networks is growing too!  We have big news coming – stay tuned.

Important Update Regarding HomePipe Services

As you know, the HomePipe service is currently available for free or at a minimal cost depending on your preferences for advertising and mobile device platform. Soon, we will take the next major step in our evolution and introduce two new service levels: HomePipe Limited and HomePipe Premium.

HomePipe Limited – (Still) Free!
Our great free service will continue to be available, but on a monthly limited-use basis of 10 “Uses” per month. We have a generous definition for what we consider to be a “Use” of our service:

  • A “Use” of the HomePipe service is started when a HomePipe user accesses(views/downloads) his or her files. A period of inactivity of two or more hours ends the “Use” of HomePipe. Any future file access counts as the next “Use.”

At the beginning of each month, your HomePipe Limited account will reset to 10 uses for the new month. Once your uses are consumed, you must either purchase the HomePipe Premium service or wait for the next month to reset your usage credit to 10.

HomePipe Premium – $23.99/year!
With a HomePipe Premium account, you will get unlimited use of the HomePipe service and have an ad-free experience on the web interface and all mobile devices.

If you previously purchased a HomePipe Premium mobile application (for iPhone or Android) for the purpose of removing advertising, don’t panic! HomePipe will turn off ads automatically for you, even though you are using it with a HomePipe Free limited-use subscription. However, new HomePipe users will only be able to disable the ads by purchasing the HomePipe Premium service.

Apple® iPad Users
The HomePipe iPad application will continue to be a $7.99 purchase with no advertising, even with a HomePipe Limited account.

Once we make these changes, you will be able to find additional details on the new service levels.

We appreciate all the help and support you have provided HomePipe throughout 2010 and look forward to increasing the value of our service and applications in 2011.

– The HomePipe Team

“Careless Computing” and The Cloud: Richard Stallman Warns Against ChromeOS

Thought provoking article from Richard Stallman that makes you wonder if/how/when will the day come, when we all wake up with all our stuff in the cloud?