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5 Ways in Which TappIn Saves Even the Worst of Days!

Have you ever gotten to class and realized you’ve left your homework on your computer at home? Have you ever gotten home and realized that the documents you need to do work from home are trapped on your work computer? Have you ever wanted to share a video or pictures with grandparents without having that media broadcast online?

We live in a digital age now where a majority of correspondence, work, and entertainment takes place online. People use the internet to access a wide range of different digital content from work, to pictures, to music. Whether you’re a professional, a parent, or both, life gets busy, and having access to your own digital content is something you shouldn’t have to worry about.

TappIn turns your phone into a one-stop shop for all of your digital content, no matter where you have stored that content. Not sold yet? Consider these five stories in which TappIn’s remote access saved the day from being a horrible, no good, very bad one.

Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 1: Averted, thanks to photo sharing with TappIn!

Michelle was on her way to her best friend’s wedding. She had just pulled into the parking lot of the venue when she realized she’d forgotten her computer.  Her computer that had the slide show of the soon-to-be newlywed couple that was supposed to play before and after the ceremony.It had taken her a half an hour to drive to the venue; she had no time to go home and get her computer now.

On the verge of tears, and fearing she had ruined an important part of the ceremony, Michelle remembered that she had TappIn on her mobile.And unlike her computer, Michelle never left home without her phone.  Using TappIn, she was able to remotely access the photos she had saved on her home computer, because TappIn enables you to share photos no matter where you have saved them.

Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 2: Averted, thanks to Video Streaming with TappIn!

Frank had his final presentation for his video editing class in the morning. He had stayed up all night making the final edits to his short film and was trying to save it on something he could transport to class, since his PC was a desktop computer. Saving or sending the video anywhere other than his PC required purchasing expensive storage solutions. He was finally able to save it to a blank DVD, but the quality of the burned DVD was less than impressive.

That’s when Frank remembered he had TappIn. TappIn is the only video streaming solution that doesn’t require you to save, upload, or send your video anywhere other than where it is first created. And because you don’t have to upload the videos to view them, when Frank got to class all he had to do was connect his phone to the projector and as soon as he pressed Play, the video began.

Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 3: Averted, thanks to music streaming with TappIn!

Ben is a musician, and though everyone who heard him knew he was going places, he hadn’t yet made the connections he needed to quit his day job. He was dozing in and out of sleep on his daily morning bus ride home from the graveyard shift when he saw a famous local musician causing a stir outside of a Starbucks. At the next stop, he jumped off the bus and started running toward the frenzy.

Since it was early, the crowd was small and relatively calm and Ben was easily able to get the front of the group and ask the musician if he would listen to one of his songs.

“Do you have it on you?”A man standing next to him asked. Ben pulled out his phone and used TappIn to start streaming music, his own music.

The small crowd was encouraging and nodding their head to the beat, when the musician asked, “Do you have other songs?”

“Tons,” Ben replied with a smile, bringing up all of his songs on his phone.

Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 4: Averted, thanks to sending large files with TappIn!

Harry was in a rush to meet his newest clients, a large hotel chain that was interested in having him design the hotels for their two newest locations. In his excitement that morning, Harry hadn’t noticed that the email he tried to send himself, the email with all of the files he planned to present to his clients, hadn’t gone through because it had exceeded the file size limit.

He broke out in a cold sweat as he reached the clients’ offices and realized he didn’t have anything on him that he could present to them. All of his files were at home on his home computer. As he planned his apologies, he remembered he had TappIn.  Using TappIn, he could access any file of any size, making sending large files obsolete.

Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 5: Averted, thanks to document access with TappIn!

Carlos was on his way to class after he had stayed up all night putting the final touches on his final thesis paper when he realized that he hadn’t sent himself the right document to print on campus. In his exhausted state, he had sent an older version of his final paper to himself instead of the updated one. He was about to turn around and start sprinting on tired legs back towards his house when he remembered he had TappIn.

Carlos hadn’t used TappIn that much. He’d downloaded it, played with it for a couple of days, and forgot about it. A couple of taps and seconds later Carlos was able to access the document (link to document access post that hasn’t been posted yet, but should be posted before this piece) he was looking for and send the latest version to himself so that he could print it out on campus.

Have you ever been in a scenario like one of the above? Tell us about a horrible, no good, very bad day that was saved with TappIn!

Sending Large Files Online

The number of internet users has been steadily growing every day since its beginning.  In recent years this number has exploded due to social media channels that allow people to connect and share content.  Going online has become one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with family, friends, and co-workers.

A large part of online communications is the sharing of information, pictures, videos, and music.  So what if you want to send someone large amounts of data at once?  The problem is that the most popular sharing options on the internet haven’t quite grown in their capabilities to include allowing people to send as much data as they want at one time.

Sending Large Files

Most email servers have a maximum file size both for incoming and outgoing mail.   The maximum file size is usually around 10MB, with Yahoo and Gmail extending file size limits to 20MB and 25MB.  However, if you are trying to send someone a video, or photo album, these new size limits can still make sharing large files difficult.

There are many file uploading and file sharing alternatives to email, however all of these options require you to sync to or upload your files in one storage solution (either in the Cloud, Dropbox, etc.), all of which have limits on the amount of data you are able to store in them.

Picture and Video Sharing

Though Facebook has taken steps to improve the photo uploading process, there is still a limit on the number of photos you may upload to a single album.  Social media sites and sites like YouTube have tried to make it easy to share pictures and videos, but the option to share pictures and videos on social media channels is designed to be a more public sharing option.

What if you want to share a large number of pictures or videos privately?  There are many sharing and storage solutions currently available, but because you have to save/upload/sync these large files, pictures, or videos in the Cloud, Sugarsync, or a Dropbox folder the whole process can be very time consuming.

No Limit File Sharing

And so, what do you do when you have large files that need to be shared online?  When you think about it, every storage solution is going to have a limit, so consider instead looking for a solution that gives people unlimited access to your information. By choosing unlimited access you can avoid limited file storage and sharing all together.

TappIn allows users to give family, friends, and co-workers instant unlimited access to their files and data they choose to share.  And because TappIn grants access and isn’t primarily a storage solution the people you share with don’t have to download or sync that information to their computer or mobile device.