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TappIn Offers Predictions for Cloud, Mobile, Social in 2012

The French had Nostradamus, TappIn has, Parvez Anandam, our CTO. We figured that with 2012 right around the corner, we ought to put Parvez to the test. Specifically his predictions regarding cloud computing, mobility, and social media in 2012. So take a look, leave some comments, questions, or see Parvez in person on Dec. 7th as panelist for the upcoming TiE Seattle event.

Predictions for Cloud, Mobile and Social in 2012

1. The IT-ization of the Consumer. 2011 was about the consumerization of IT. 2012 will be about the IT-ization of the consumer. The consumer is adopting an increasingly complex array of technologies for their personal use – smartphones, tablets, cloud infrastructures in addition to laptops and computers. Consumers are effectively mini-IT departments and are in desperate need of a way to securely access their digital lives strewn across all their devices.

2. Mobile and Data Security Goes Mainstream. In 2011 there were several high-profile mobile and cloud security breaches, such as DropBox’s significant security failure that exposed users’ content. These, coupled with increasing consumer savvy around mobile security, will result in increased scrutiny of application- and device-level security, from automatic sign-out features to malware scanning software.

3. Personal Cloud Services Go Professional. The personal cloud has exploded over the past year as consumers increasingly demand enterprise-class access solutions, with Apple’s iCloud offering leading the charge. In 2012, we expect to see a new class of professional super-users in the personal cloud space – those who use a single personal cloud service offering to converge their personal and professional lives into a master repository. These professionals will demand heightened security and streamlined access, opening new opportunities for players in this space to create a top-tier “prosumer” offering.

4. Data Stewardship Will Matter. As the world increasingly entrusts all digital content to a few companies, the reputation and ethical behavior of these companies will become of paramount importance. The reverence with which these companies approach end users’ content will determine which of them wins big in the end.

5. Social Gets Smart on Security. Social media has become a pervasive part of our lives. While there have long been admonitions about how to protect your privacy when using social media sites, the omnipresent exposure resulting from the interconnectedness of social with everything from search to shopping to news will give even the most cavalier users pause. In 2012, we expect to see a greater push for social privacy and security – around personal photos, etc. – while still enjoying the huge benefits of social networks.