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Expand the Memory of Your Mobile Device without Buying More Storage

Are you someone who stores a large amount of data, photos, or music on your cell phone or other mobile device? Perhaps you’re a photographer who needs to be able to access large photo folders from your phone to share with clients. Perhaps you’re a lawyer who needs access to large files that you don’t wish to transport back and forth from your home.

Whoever you are and whatever your needs be, if you’re reading this post it is because the current amount of storage on your phone or mobile device is not enough to meet your day-to-day needs.  What if I told you that you could expand the memory of your mobile device so that you can access unlimited amounts of data without having to buy more storage?  Don’t believe me?  Let me explain.

Access > Storage

TappIn is an app that gives everyone from photographers to lawyers, and everyone else in between, access to unlimited amounts of data from their cell phone or mobile device. The best part is, because TappIn is an access tool and not a storage solution, you do not have to pay for more storage for the more data you access.

If you are a photographer, there is no need to use all of your storage on your phone with pictures.  Instead, you can keep those pictures on your home computer and access them from your phone whenever you are talking with a customer or potential client. With TappIn, if you’re a lawyer, those confidential files on your work computer now don’t need to be moved from one storage solution to the next for you to access them from your home computer or phone. They stay in one place.

Lost Phone = Don’t Lose Sensitive Data

Besides the fact that most cell phones and mobile devices do not have that much storage space on them to begin with, they are also not the most secure storage solutions. There have been a few stories in the news lately of employees leaving their mobile devices in a restaurant or on a bus with sensitive business information that has put their companies at great risk.

With TappIn, you don’t have to worry about having sensitive data on your mobile device, because you aren’t storing or saving any of that data or those photos, or music, etc. onto your phone.  Instead, you are simply accessing that information through your phone. And because TappIn has security features that require you to log in to view data you’ve saved elsewhere, that data isn’t readily available to whoever picks up your phone.

There are plenty of free storage solutions online, and inexpensive network attached devices that have far more storage space than cell phones or mobile devices currently contain today. If you want to be able to access all of your documents, all of your photos, and all of your music from anywhere at anytime, there is no storage solution that will suffice alone.  Access is the key. TappIn is the answer.

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