TappIn subscribers feel the love! Here’s what they’re saying about TappIn:


It takes me less time to open the file remotely at home using TappIn than it does to generate the report in Microsoft POS in the store.
Royal Reinsch, Belle Provence

With TappIn, I can immediately access the information I need when I need it—avoiding project delays.
Barin Yoder, Yoder Construction

I have tried several products in an effort to create a “cloud” or other environment, (using SugarSynch, Skydrive, etc.), where information from my home network could be easily accessed thru web or mobile device and TappIn without a doubt is hands-down the best application out there.
—Jim H.

TappIn is easy, fast and cost efficient. It delivers an efficient way for me to access my files remotely and quickly share travel documents with clients.
Nanci Browning, Browning Cruises

Let me start off with saying that I love your service! It makes my commute so great every day….
Matt M.

I have an EVO 4G (android 2.1) cell phone and a TappIn account! TappIn is great! I love it.
Chuck L.

This TappIn application for PC windows and Android Phone it’s great and easy to use!
Josef S.

Thank heaven for TappIn and its quick access. Without TappIn, my marriage proposal could have been a TV blooper!
Todd W.

I am terribly excited about your product. My aunt is teaching a class to DISD teachers on apps and how they can be integrated into teaching. Since I discovered your program, she will be altering her class to include it. The technology is mind blowing. I appreciate everything you are doing.
Holly B.

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  1. Greg Newman

    That’s a brilliant use of Tappin, putting it to good use in the DISD. Absolutely way to go. Tappin for teaching students! Lets the students access whatever files their teachers have for them.


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