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What is it?

TappIn is the leading innovator and award-winning provider of digital content access and sharing for the mobile community.  TappIn’s cloud service makes available documents and rich media to mobile devices (including Apple iPhone® and iPad®, Google® AndroidTM and Windows® Phone 7) or web-browsers regardless of where files are stored – without having to upload and synch files
or pay for additional online storage.

How does TappIn work?

TappIn works securely and easily over the Web, using the secure TappIn network and small lightweight apps that reside in the host computer. Once your account is activated, you can immediately access and share any folder with anyone from anywhere. And, you can access and share any digital file or folder using any mobile device with any of our free mobile apps. Plus, you can share via email, text messaging or via Facebook.

With TappIn, you can:

  • Stream your iTunes and MP3 library to your Android, Apple or Windows smartphone
  • Quickly watch or share any video with anyone
  • Safely share photos with those you choose rather than anyone viewing and downloading your pictures on a photo sharing site
  • Easily collaborate on documents with colleagues from anywhere
  • Share any file or folder with anyone, anytime, from anywhere!

Rest assured, your content is always secure as it never leaves the safety of your computer. TappIn creates a cloud pathway rather than uploading, downloading and syncing in a typical cloud service. Plus, unlike typical cloud storage services, TappIn has no storage limit because it leverages your existing storage on your computer.

TappIn is also one of the most recognized, award-winning remote access and file sharing technologies available: OnMobile One to Watch, 2011 Golden Bridge Award winner for Mobile/Wireless Innovation, 2011 Red Herring North America 100 finalist, Network Products Guide 2011 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards finalist and a Global Top Mobile 500 App by The Sunday  Times. 

So what are you waiting for? TappIn has no use restrictions and it’s free to register. Just enter your email and click “Sign In.” It literally takes seconds.  Get started today.



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