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Independent Travel Consultant


Provide consistent high quality customer service from anywhere, anytime.
Offer a cost-effective value add service to differentiate Browning Cruises

TappIn remote access and file sharing service provides anywhere, anytime access to her office computer from Apple mobile devices.

Browning can access, edit and resave travel documents back into TappIn then email to clients. Clients can also access file(s) at their leisure via TappIn Web or mobile apps.

Browning suggests TappIn to clients to save and share photographs while traveling.

"TappIn is easy, fast and cost efficient. It delivers an efficient way for me to access my files remotely and quickly share travel documents with clients. With TappIn, I can continue to serve the needs of my clients without interruption."

Nanci Browning
Browning Cruises

The Ticket to White-Glove Service for Browning Cruises


Nanci Browning of Browning Cruises is a seasoned travel consultant, specializing in cruises, and custom land and air vacation packages. Her mission is to consistently deliver exceptional travel experiences and white-glove service to her clientele.


Browning often travels abroad so she can evaluate destinations and share her experiences with her clients. She has first-hand knowledge that travel can involve last minutes changes to transportation schedules, accommodations and such due to weather conditions and other unforeseen variables. Because of this, Browning often has to amend travel arrangements for clients and then update itineraries on the fly. But traveling overseas presented a challenge in providing consistent quality customer service. Relying on Internet cafés and hotel business services was inconvenient and costly. Browning knew there had to be a better way to serve her clients while away from the office.


Browning had several challenges:

  • • Ensure consistent high quality customer service
  • • Flexibility to access, review, edit and resave important client files anytime, from anywhere
  • • Offer a cost-effective high value service that would differentiate Browning Cruises
  • • Platform independent to ensure all clients and devices would be accommodated

Browning implemented TappIn's remote access and online file sharing service on her office computer. She also installed the TappIn app on her iPhone and iPad—both devices she considers a communication essential when on business travel.Browning It took little time for Browning to become proficient using TappIn. Browning now uses TappIn routinely. When she has clients with complicated itineraries that need immediate changes, she can now access their documents quickly, easily and seamlessly from her iPhone or iPad. Using her iPad, Browning can update her clients' travel arrangements, revise itineraries and resave the file in TappIn. Browning can then email the updated documents or provide direct access to the files in her client's folder using TappIn. When Browning encounters clients with email file size limitations, she invites them to join TappIn so she can quickly share travel files, photographs and other documents.

"TappIn gives me more options so I can provide my clients quality customer service," says Browning. "TappIn is easy, fast and cost-efficient. It delivers an efficient way for me to access my files remotely and quickly share travel documents with clients. With TappIn, I can continue to serve the needs of my clients without interruption."

Browning's clients agree. John Hodges, a frequent traveler and client of Browning Cruises, commends Browning for her ingenuity using TappIn. "TappIn has given Browning Cruises the competitive edge. I can request a change and within minutes, Nanci has completed the request and I get an updated itinerary emailed or I can access the file myself using TappIn from my client folder on her computer. It's amazing. I never know if she's in the office or half-way around the world as the level of service is always excellent."


Browning not only uses TappIn for work, she also uses TappIn to access, save and share photos while traveling. "Whether I'm evaluating properties in the Caribbean, Europe or in the US—I access my home computer using TappIn to save photos of where I am. Then I let my family and friends view the images. TappIn is also great when sharing photos of properties and destination attractions with clients," Browning continues. "I also recommend TappIn to my clients so they can save and share their vacation photos while on the road. TappIn is simple, private and my clients love it."

Now Browning uses TappIn to efficiently maintain the level of service her customers have come to expect. Whether she's in the office or abroad, Browning has seamless access to her work files and fulfills client requests with the same white-glove touch regardless of location. Her clients recognize the value Browning offers in not only her travel expertise, but also her technological innovation by leveraging TappIn to achieve greater customer service. Clients can access travel files remotely from any Web browser or mobile device, affording greater customer convenience. And many of her clients have adopted the use of TappIn to save and share photos when traveling. "TappIn really has become one of the tools I have come to depend upon—both professionally and personally," says Browning. "It's great."