Key Features

Connect with TappIn

Access to All Your Digital Files

There are no limits to the number of content sources you can connect to your TappIn account. We say content sources because you can access and share from your computers/servers (Windows, Mac or Linux), NAS Devices (network attached storage like Seagate and QNAP), TappIn's 'OnTapp' Cloud Storage, your Salesforce account (other SaaS apps coming soon), Globalscape's EFT Server or even custom WebDAV storage areas.

One-touch remote access to your files

Our goal is to create a single icon for your mobile device that you can use to remotely access virtually any place where you might have your digital files stored and then make those files available for you to instantly use or share with others. With a single touch, you can access all of your files without having to move them to one place!

Mobile access to your digital content

Mobile Access to Your Digital World

TappIn makes available to you all of your digital content from any Web browser, tablet or smartphone including the Apple® iPhone® and iPad®, Google® Android™, Amazon® Kindle Fire, and Windows® Phone 7! Remotely access and share your documents, photos, music and videos. Listen to your music library and create playlists on the fly. You can easily import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and other email providers directly into TappIn by using TappIn's One Click Contact Management tool. Then with just a few clicks, you can share a file or folder while inviting others to your private TappIn network.

With TappIn, we make it easy to get what you want, when you want it.

OnTapp secure cloud storage

Put Content "On Tapp" in Secure Transactional Cloud

The OnTapp feature enables Professional Edition subscribers to access and share files even when the permanent storage device is unavailable or in sleep mode. OnTapp is a 10 GB cloud repository that allows you to copy files to TappIn's secure cloud storage while providing parameters on how long the files will remain available or "on tap." Once the content availability expires, the data is permanently removed from the cloud but still remains stored back in the original repository. OnTapp now gives you the best of all worlds by truly enabling remote access and sharing anytime, anywhere with cloud storage but preserving the secure capability of keeping content resident on a computer, server or NAS device – no syncing or copying to your devices is required. Now, your mobile device has remote access and sharing with a virtually unlimited storage capacity.

Salesforce mobile integration

Access Content from Your Salesforce.com Account

TappIn has integrated with Salesforce.com to bring sales teams the best mobile content access solution available on the market. Designed for mobile workers, TappIn's integration with Salesforce enables road warriors to access information stored within their Salesforce account via the same interface as content stored on a home or office computer, or within an employer's existing storage repositories. With Salesforce integration, professionals can instantly and securely access and share important files stored within Salesforce using just the tap of a finger.

Stream your music

Stream Your Music

With TappIn, you have complete access to your iTunes® and MP3 folders—stream music anytime, from anywhere from any computer (even a friend's) to a web-browser or mobile device. You'll never have to decide which part of your music library you have to leave home. With a click, you can listen to your favorite tunes wherever and whenever you want. Instantly generate playlists with TappIn a la Carte Playlist. And, Apple iPhone and iPad users will love our Now Playing feature. Apple users can stream music, browse photos and open documents while simultaneously using other apps.

Share. Share. Share.

Share your videos and photos

Share your photos

TappIn makes it easy to access and share photos with friends, family and colleagues. You'll never have to compress photos or reduce the resolution due to email file size restrictions. TappIn lets you view and share pictures in high resolution—so you get the vibrancy of every pixel, every time. Unlike photo sharing sites, TappIn ensures your privacy because only authorized recipients can view or download your photos. Your photos are always secure as they remain on your computer and are never uploaded to a third-party site. Click on "Slideshow" to view your photos in a photo album. Swipe through the album and quickly select the photo or folder you want to share. It takes just a click to share with friends, family and colleagues. Or share your photo to Facebook, including a thumbnail and comment. TappIn makes it easy.

Share and Play Your Videos

Whether it's a family video of the kids and dog or your ultimate wedding video, you can select and share videos anytime, anywhere on your favorite mobile device. Just access your home or work computer and select the video you want to view. TappIn quickly delivers the video to any remote computer or mobile device. TappIn supports the following video formats: .MP4, .MOV, .M4V, .F4V, .FLV. TappIn makes sharing videos easy, fast and convenient on any mobile device anytime.

Share to Facebook

Share photos, files or folders from your computer or mobile device directly to Facebook. With TappIn SocialShare, a link to the file and a thumbnail of the photo is posted to the users Facebook wall, along with any comment to friends and family. With a click, your friends and family can view your photo in high resolution. Files are not uploaded to Facebook, but rather remain securely stored on the user's computer, allowing for easy file management.

TappIn Group Manager

TappIn Group Manager

Professional Edition also includes administrative capabilities designed to enable businesses to manage groups of users associated with the TappIn Professional Edition subscription.

Multiple language support

Multiple Language Support

As mobility goes global, even small businesses find themselves increasingly engaged in transactions overseas. Available in six languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Standard Chinese and Simplified Chinese – TappIn is working to keep people connected to their content, no matter where they are or in what language they speak.