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How it Works

TappIn is a secure, lightweight app that you can install on your work computer, home computer, laptop and mobile device to access and share files securely and easily over the Web. Files are never uploaded, copied or stored in the cloud. Instead, files remain safe and secure on the local hard drive. TappIn employs cloud technology to create a secure pathway for you to access and share files with friends, family, co-workers and clients.

TappIn eliminates the need to pay for storage or spend multiple hours uploading, organizing and syncing in the cloud. And, TappIn is scalable by design—it works for you or any size business. Plus, TappIn supports a wide variety of platforms—Windows, Mac, Linux and all popular mobile devices and Web browsers.

Getting started requires only an email and password. During registration, an activation link is sent to your email Inbox. Once activated, the TappIn Desktop App takes seconds to install and you are ready!




TappIn’s secure cloud service makes any size documents or rich media files available (i.e. music, photos and videos). Access your files through your web browser or mobile devices, including Apple® iPhone® and iPad®, Google® Android™, Kindle Fire and Windows® Phone 7.