TappIn Mobile Apps

Access and deliver digital content anytime, anywhere.

Using TappIn's mobile app, you can access your digital content from any Apple, Google or Windows mobile device. And because files are not downloaded, you have virtually unlimited storage on your device!

People are increasingly mobile with a vast array of smartphones and other mobile devices that connect us over vast geography and endless time zones. And, we're constantly creating more and more content. Digital files (high resolution photos, videos, music, presentations and other documents) are becoming progressively
larger and nearly everyone is creating a greater volume of digital
content they want to access and share with others.


Unleash the power of TappIn and add Terabytes to your mobile device.


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Download a free TappIn app today and stay connected with on-demand access to your digital content anytime, anywhere.

bulletStream your iTunes® and MP3 library to your Apple iPhone or iPad
bulletwhile accessing other apps or wirelessly printing.

bulletAccess a presentation from your Android phone and share it with a
bulletcolleague in Paris.

bulletEdit your Microsoft Office documents on your Windows Phone 7 and
bulletresave into TappIn. Then send a TappIn SecureShare link to the
bulletdocument to a client for review.