TappIn for Retail

The retail industry faces challenges that are similar to other industries. What is different is that these pressures are more apparent with the consumer wanting cheaper, new, different and customized products now—and they are not willing to wait. Plus, pressures in the back office are mounting as well—including up-to-date sales and inventory information to provide greater insight into decisions regarding customer preferences, pricing and promotion.

Many retailers have implemented software to capture inventory and other critical data to help better manage their business. Reports such as Sales per Square Foot, Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment and others can provide deep insight on how to better manage a retail store. But it takes time to generate and analyze these reports—precious time away from the sales floor. Of course, retailers can analyze reports long into the night after business hours. Or use remote desktop programs that lock down the back office host computer until the session is complete. This can take hours and often interrupts retail and back office operations. Remote desktop programs are also slow, clunky, difficult to operate and often require a costly static IP.

TappIn is a simple solution for retailers.

Instead of employing cumbersome remote desktop programs that freeze the host computer and require expensive static IP lines, TappIn offers instant access and file sharing that is seamless to the host computer. With just a click, retailers can access reports and analyze data at home or on the go with any mobile device. TappIn is easy, quick and convenient.


TappIn for Retail Sector

Use Case

retailLearn how Belle Provence , a northwest retailer, streamlined reporting by implementing TappIn on back office and home computers. Instead of freezing the back office computer while accessing large transaction reports, Belle Provence owners can now access and view retail transaction reports in less time that it takes to generate the report.

"One report is more than 18,000 lines and more than 20 columns of data," says Belle Provence owner, Royal Reinsch. "It takes me less time to open the file remotely at home using TappIn than it does to generate the report in the store."

TappIn is easy, fast and cost-effective. It has delivered an efficient way to remotely access the retail reports they need to continue navigating their phenomenal growth.

Read how TappIn streamlined processed and reduced costs at Belle Provence.

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